3-Generation Travel: What to Consider when Traveling with the Family

It’s something that is becoming more and more common. Once upon a time family holidays were quite simple affairs, but now they are multi-generational. In other words, it’s not uncommon for the kids, parents and grandparents all to be heading off together.

We don’t need to dive into the benefits of this; it’s something that brings the family together in addition to the obvious logistical advantages. After all, grandparents can get to spend some much-needed time with the whole family, while there are also babysitter advantages to be had!

At the same time, it does bring some additional considerations when you start to book your getaway, and this is what today’s article is going to focus upon.

The heat-factor

Sure, we all love a good beach break, but when it comes to a trip of this ilk you really have to think twice when it comes to the temperatures that certain destinations will be reaching.

In truth, heat stroke is something that can affect absolutely anyone, but it’s the elderly that tend to be even more at risk. This is one of the reasons why the likes of Staysure over 50s insurance is so important, to guard against these riskier conditions. As such, considering your destination is crucial here and avoiding those super-tropical places should be at the top of your agenda.

3-Generation Travel: What to Consider when Traveling with the Family

One could also argue that the same principles apply with children, who also have to be really guarded from the heat. It means that when you do opt to take the entire family, be careful about where you choose and if you do opt for somewhere hot, make sure there will be plenty of chances to get some shade.


Something else that you will need to consider for grandparents tends to come in the form of accessibility. Sure, a lot of modern-hotels have lifts, but some of the older ones might not be held to standards that are quite as high. It means that for an elderly person, navigating around the resort suddenly becomes a lot more difficult than it really should.

3-Generation Travel: What to Consider when Traveling with the Family

There are obviously countless options to get around this issue, but it’s all about being prepared. Find out if there are any accessible rooms on the complex, or failing that just opt for somewhere where you know that there won’t be umpteen steps to navigate.

Finding a happy medium with atmosphere

Perhaps the biggest challenge that you will probably come across comes in the form of finding a holiday with the right type of atmosphere.

As we all know, when you travel with the kids they will always need something to do. At the same time, you’ll need your own downtime, while grandparents will probably be looking for somewhere quieter.

3-Generation Travel: What to Consider when Traveling with the Family

It’s here where it can be come really difficult to choose a resort that suits everyone. In truth, most kids are easily satisfied with a swimming pool, so it’s all about trying to satisfy the next two generations! It’s for this reason that opting for something a little quainter is always advisable and can help you get the most from your getaway.

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