It doesn’t take much more than one Singapore Sling to make a person feel happy and as though they are in a colorful, far away land. Singapore is famous for its unique history. It also has many tourist attractions, a unique way of life, and an economy that combines elements of both capitalism and socialism.

A Bit About the Country’s History

The country of Singapore has always contained a very important port between the British islands and Asia. The Suez Canal made the trip quite easy for merchants and traders in the mid-1800s, and Singapore became a British colony as a result. Although the country was commandeered by the Japanese for 3 years during World War II, the British regained control in 1945. Singapore eventually became an independent colony and finally gained its independence in 1965.

Unusual Tourist Attractions in Singapore

There is much to see and do in this affluent country. Have you ever thought there should be a movie theater in an airport? Well, Singapore’s Changi Airport not only features a movie theater but a beautiful garden with a waterfall, as well as a sleeping area. It also contains a mall with food stalls as well as massage and Spa services.

What is Singapore famous for?

You will find an art museum that is shaped like a split banana and a rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands’ that is considered the highest in the world.

Dante may have said there were only nine levels of hell, but in Singapore, there is a bizarre sculpture park called Haw Par Villa that depicts the 10 courts of Hell. The park is not for the faint of heart. It is designed to teach children this Chinese value system. However, it was built by a person from Myanmar.

What is Singapore famous for?

Singapore has experienced both British and Japanese rule in this day and although the official language is English, the citizens have a unique dialect called Singlish which sounds not unlike the vocabulary and speech patterns of the Star Wars character Yoda.

You will see 164 ft human-made trees it support their own vertical gardens in this country. There is a night safari park in Singapore, where you will see jungle animals roam about in a nocturnal setting.

What is Singapore famous for?

Lion City is considered one of the major culinary capitals of the world. You will find as many different kinds of cuisine there as you will in America.

Singapore’s Modern Government

Modern-day Singapore is quite prosperous. In the 80s, the government lowered taxes and set up multiple manufacturing plants to attract business. What makes Singapore so unique is that the citizens are very educated because the government pays for college for most people. Labor tends to be cheap, but the citizens are not poor, uneducated, or disadvantaged.

What is Singapore famous for?

The government mandates a savings plan called a Central Provident Fund. Corporations, citizens, and the government all pay into this system that ensures the citizens of Singapore will always have their basic needs met. Most people end up with enough money to retire comfortably when they are in later middle age. Every citizen of Singapore gets an account that lets them save money for housing and education, medical needs, and retirement.

The government insists that people follow its paternalistic law. There is censorship of the media, and a person who speaks out against the government may well be jailed. Stay away from any political rallies you might see or any organizations that are espousing a more liberated lifestyle when you visit.

What is Singapore famous for?

If you do travel to Singapore, remember to get your Covid-19 vaccine first. You will simply need an up-to-date passport to travel, as Singapore does not require a Visa. You may want to consider a business class flight to the country because it takes about 19 hours to get there from the United States.