When it comes to the plumbing of a home, most people are familiar with the concept of pipe bursts. When water is in the pipe, and it reaches below freezing temperatures, the water will turn into ice and expand. This causes the pipe to break or burst open, and water can start to spew out of it like a sieve. If you’re experiencing a burst pipe, here the steps that you need to start taking immediately.

Shut the Main Water Valve Off

The first thing that you need to do is to stop the water flow. There will be a main water shut-off valve in the basement or crawlspace of your home. Once the main value is shut-off, it’s time to turn on all of your faucets. Make sure to flush each toilet until it doesn’t refill any longer. This will allow excess water and built-up pressure to drain out of your system.

What to Do Immediately if a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

Locate the Burst Pipe

Now, it’s time to identify where the water is coming from. In most cases, it’s pretty obvious as there will be a pool of water underneath the area where the pipe is. If there’s still water leaking out of the pipe, get something under it to protect against further damage. If the plumbing is enclosed, be very mindful about walking over or under that area. The water damage can make those areas prone to giving way.

What to Do Immediately if a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

Get the Pipe Repaired as Quickly as Possible

Depending on the size of the leak, you may be able to handle the job on your own, or you may need to call in a professional. Either way, you need to get the pipe fixed before you can go back to using the water. Most plumbers offer 24/7 emergency repair services for occasions just like this.

What to Do Immediately if a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

Document the Damage

While you’re waiting on a professional plumber to arrive, you need to document the damage to your home. This will give you evidence to back up the claim with your homeowner’s insurance policy. Try to be as detailed as possible and take many pictures from different angles.

What to Do Immediately if a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

Dealing with a burst pipe is not something any homeowner looks forward to. However, it does happen, and being prepared can mean the difference between minimal and extensive water damage. By following the steps we outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to minimizing the amount of water damage that occurs to your home.