One of the toughest calls you need to make when you decide to do a remodeling job is picking a reliable contractor. Someone who is competent and relates well with their clients would be the ideal candidate. However, if you have never had to go through this, you won’t know where to start looking or how you can determine the right person or company. The following factors that you should consider when hiring a contractor for the remodel are a good place to start:

Professional Credentials

States often require that contractors be licensed and registered with professional bodies. The license should also be up-to-date and have a good rating. You can check with local licensing authorities to ensure that your candidate is indeed registered. Membership in professional organizations that continually monitor and educate their members is also a good sign.

What You Should Be Looking For In Remodeling Contractors

Customer Reviews and References

Before you hire a contractor, you need to gain insight into how they performed their previous jobs. To achieve this, go through their online reviews on a review website like Yelp or Home Advisor. Alternatively, you can speak to their customers directly or someone who works in the construction business and knows them. If previous customers think they do a good job, that’s a good signal; however, if the previous clients seem displeased with their work, heed the sign.

Is the Quote realistic

You will have to research the standard turnaround and pricing beforehand. Modern contractors have made it relatively easier for you because they offer free quotes on their websites. If you live in Orange County or Los Angeles, orange county remodeling contractors offer free quotes when you key in your zip code. It is much easier to carry on with your research when you have a reference point.

What You Should Be Looking For In Remodeling Contractors

If the project manager gives you a quote that seems suspiciously low relative to going rates, chances are they will issue you change orders once they get the contract. If you know the standard rate that you should expect to pay for your project, you will know when the quote sounds unrealistic.

Are they consistent with their staff?

A contractor who has a steady core of crew members or subcontractors is a safe bet. If a contractor treats his employees or subcontractors well, they will want to continue working with him.

From another perspective, when the project manager is consistent with their hires, it means that they have worked together for a long time and they trust the staff to do a good job.

What You Should Be Looking For In Remodeling Contractors

On the flipside, a contractor whose crew turnover is high probably doesn’t trust in their abilities or treats them poorly, leading to apathy. The quality of work often suffers in such cases.

Insurance Licensed project managers generally have insurance, but it doesn’t hurt to do some research. There are different kinds of insurance contractors take:

  •  General Liability Insurance: Covers the work to be done and protects you against liability in case something goes wrong on your premises.
  •  Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Covers accidents and injuries that employees and subcontractors get in the course of doing their job shielding you from liability.


If a contractor seems to be readily available, especially when the industry is booming, it can be a red flag. Of course, you would like to find someone who can start working for you as soon as possible, but keep in mind that good contractors are always on demand. So, you would expect them to be working on a project when you reach out.

What You Should Be Looking For In Remodeling Contractors

Before you hire someone, you have to do your research. You need to know whether the contractor can be trusted to deliver the goods as any person hiring someone for any job would. Since remodeling is a high stakes job, you would want it in safe hands, right?