Why Should You Visit Bismarck in Your Life?

Bismarck, the Capital of North Dakota, has deep-rooted culture and history. With great outdoors, beautiful skyscrapers like State Capitol, and stunning parks and zoos. Whatever you wish to tick off from your traveling bucket list, you will find it here in Bismarck. Book tickets to this city, visit Frontier Airlines official site to know more!

North Dakota Heritage Center

The North Dakota Center of Heritage has a massive collection of the history of Dakota, which dates back to prehistoric times of the 20th century and gives you a good overview of their culture and remnants. Relics and permanent artifacts are displayed here, along with dinosaur bones, the post office, and the native American hall of honor. The northern lights atrium is a fascination amongst the tourists who visit the center and make their way to the landscaped picturesque property outside. There are sometimes educational programs that one can enroll in during the day tour of this center for an enriching experience.

Why Should You Visit Bismarck in Your Life?

State Historical Society of North Dakota, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dakota Zoo

One of the top attractions in Bismarck is the Dakota zoo which houses around 600 animals on the land. This zoo has been operational since the 1900s and has animals like Bengal tigers, arctic foxes, African tortoises, alligators, and so many more. The area has an up-close viewing tunnel where people can walk through and get a look at these majestic creatures. The zoo is open daily in April and September, but only weekends are operational during winters. The zoo also educates and gives a lifetime experience to people who wish to learn and educate themselves about wildlife.

Why Should You Visit Bismarck in Your Life?

State Capitol Building

The North Dakota State Capitol building is an important monument to visit in the city; this building was built in the Mid 1930s during the period of the Great depression. It has a landmark skyscraper that cannot be ignored. This eye-catching architecture is quite the opposite of the traditional structure of the capitol designs. On the 18th storey of this capitol building, you will find an observation deck that overlooks the city and is worth visiting. On the ground floor, you will find the Rough Rider Hall of Fame has pictures and memorials of the people who have made their significant contribution to the state. The first building was burned down and was replaced by this state capitol in the 30s. You do not need reservations to visit, but you might need them to travel with large groups of people.

Why Should You Visit Bismarck in Your Life?

Bobak Ha’Eri

Lewis and Clark Riverboat Cruises

Lewis and Clark Riverboat Cruises aims to fulfill the desire of anyone who wants to have a pleasant evening with a hint of adventure. It gives a chance to explore the Upper Missouri River, leaving the port of Bismarck a paddle wheeler which makes comfortable seating for 100 people, provides a ride to view the countryside. It hasĀ  Lunch, afternoon, and evening cruises, and people who are traveling with families love to take these cruises. You can take this cruise between May and September, but the prior booking of this wheeler is recommended to avoid any kind of hassles.

Why Should You Visit Bismarck in Your Life?

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