The decision to move the family is never an easy one. There are many factors to consider – including education for little ones and job opportunities for the parents. All these factors need to balance nicely to justify the inevitable stress caused by moving anywhere. For many reasons, Australia is worth the effort. This vast country has something for everyone and more than ever, families find themselves drawn to it.

To help decide if Australia is the place for your family, we have compiled a list of the top reasons to move there!

Moving Resources

One of the first few factors to consider when moving to another continent is how exactly to accomplish that. There are many moving companies capable of crossing oceans, literally, with your belongings. Companies like NZ Van Lines can deliver via air freight and in sole-use containers. Items are handled with care, even as they cross oceans.

Why You Should Move the Family to Australia

The multitude of moving resources takes the headache out of packing which allows for a smooth move. Given that the idea of packing is enough incentive to avoid a move, this is a reassuring aspect.

Natural Resources

Australia is synonymous with gorgeous natural ecosystems. There is everything from sandy beaches to tropical rainforests and arid deserts. You can even find snowy mountains! With such a wide range of natural spaces, you will never be bored. Australia is home to over 500 national parks and 14 world heritage sites.

Why You Should Move the Family to Australia

These ample natural locations enable Australia to have one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world. You will be surrounded by unspoiled nature while taking in some of the cleanest air in the world! The climate is very temperate so you can expect sunshine and mild weather year-round.

Vibrant Society

If you are concerned about your family being outsiders in a foreign land, do not be! A huge portion of Australians was born overseas. For most people, at least one parent was born overseas. This makes for a vibrant society comprised of all corners of the world. Australia celebrates multiculturalism and diversity with Harmony Day on 21 March. This national holiday is not one to be missed!

Why You Should Move the Family to Australia

Wide Open Spaces

Australia is gigantic. With so much space, there is enough room for everyone! The geographic size of Australia has led to one of the lowest population densities for any continent. Australia averages 6.4 people per square mile according to Australian moving resources.

Why You Should Move the Family to Australia

Endless Opportunity

Australians have an emphasis on work-life balance. This ultimately helps with balancing family needs and work responsibilities. It creates opportunities to spend more time with family while accomplishing career goals. Plus, the economy is strong and has an unemployment rate of around 5% according to the Parliament of Australia website.

Why You Should Move the Family to Australia

Easy-Going Approach

Many people are drawn to Australia because of the reputation for friendliness and laid-back approach to life. It is very common to connect with strangers in Australian cities as people take time to converse and connect. The crime rates are low, which is reflective of the easy-going approach to life. Even if you make your home in one of the vibrant cities, you will not find yourself rushed or surrounded by pushy people.

Why You Should Move the Family to Australia

Educated Nation

Australia is great for families because it presents long-term options for children. If your children aspire to study at college or university one day, Australia has plenty of options. There are over 1,200 institutions of higher education in Australia according to the Australian governmental website. There is a huge number of international students, so your children will be surrounded by diversity and multiculturalism.

Why You Should Move the Family to Australia

Life-Changing and Worthwhile

Moving is an investment. It is a literal investment in a new home as well as an investment in your family’s future. Australia is a wise investment that will ultimately be both life-changing and worthwhile. Moving to a new continent is a challenge, but one that will benefit your family in the long run.

Why You Should Move the Family to Australia