Are you planning a trip to Australia? Well, there is no doubt about the fact that it is going to be the most incredible travel experience so far that you are going to secure. You will be thoroughly surprised with the fact that some places are there in the country that is still recognized as ‘unexplored regions’.

All these places look like coming straight from the fairy tale. Very few have already tasted the piece of heaven, right in their backyard. So, you should also hurry up and get ready for your plans for your upcoming holiday.

But, first you need a handy list of such areas, and their specialties jotted down. In this article, a list of 12 such unexplored regions of Australia. Read on and take a look forward to have an exciting time in Australia.

Umpherston Sinkhole, South Australia

Have you ever wished to pay a visit to the place that can give you a feeling of heaven? Well. Umpherston Sinkhole in SA is such a place that will make your dream come true. It is a cave of limestone without any top. It is like the small world you are into with greeneries around and the sun oozing into beautifully.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Crystal Shower Falls, NSW

Include a trip to the Dorrigo National Park situated in NSW where the best of the waterfalls in Australia is located. The Crystal Shower Falls is one of those under which you will find the relaxation and peace of taking a shower while crystal clear water keeps on falling on your head.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Lake Bumbunga, South Australia

Take a trip of two hours from Adelaide, and you will reach the most fantastic location in Australia. Lake Bumbunga is the famous pink lake you may have already heard about. The landscape is enchanting and such a contrast of colour oozing in it – it’s pretty hard to take your eyes off.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Bitter Spring, Northern Territory of Australia

Bitter Spring in NT is like the mirage you wish to see in the urban crowd. With the greenery all around along with the crystal clear water to dive into – the spring-fed thermal pools will ooze your body and give you some relaxing moments to preserve. Visit Elsey National Park and witness this unexplored place through your eyes.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Lake Pedder, Tasmania

How about going on a fishing trip with absolute wonder all around in the form of hilly tops from where you can see a panoramic view of the entire land. That is the Lake Pedder in Tasmania. It is also known as Australia’s freshwater storage space offering you the chance of fishing in the fresh water. Located in between the Tassie’s Southwest National Park, the entire location will give you Goosebumps.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria

It’s neither the tropical location nor the relaxing crystal clear lakes anymore! Instead, visit this park while travelling to Victoria filled with gigantic sand dunes all around. Think of the sunset from the place, and it will pump up your nerves for sure.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Daintree Rainforest, Queensland

Are you fond of tropical and exotic locations? The Daintree Rainforest will offer you with the perfect escape the hassling urban life. The best of part of this region is the temperature of this place always remains quite soothing and comfortable. You can also book a spa in the middle of the forest in the lodge located in between the forests. Plan an overnight trip to this forest and explore a new Australia altogether.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Melaleuca Falls, Western Australia

It is one of those secret locations in Western Australia that is still far from the crowd of the tourists. Very few tour companies in the place will guide you to this place where you can reach only by helicopter. The word ‘spectacular’ is the only thing that can be used to describe the beauty of the area. Mainly, if you are planning to visit Australia during summer, it will be an absolute spot on for your trip.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Tasmania Rainforest

Feel lucky for paying a visit to the most extensive tract of temperate rainforest in Australia situated in Tasmania and also famous in the name of Tarkine Wilderness. Caves, mountain ranges and tropical forest view, you will get the entire wilderness together in this amazing forest chattering the unsung ancient tales in silence.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Lord Howe Island, NSW

Do you want to satisfy your wanderlust? This majestic island that is less travelled by till now will give you an experience that you may wish to cherish forever. The crystal blue water with the island standing with its green luster on one side, you may find the most picture perfect location for travelling. Remember that only 400 tourists are allowed at one time in the island. So, make your booking as fast as possible to be on the first batch.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Orpheus Island, Queensland

How about paddling a boat in the turquoise blue water with the sun giving you all of its warmth this summer? Well, in that case, visit Orpheus Island is a must! More than 28 guests are not allowed together on this particular trip. Therefore, you are needed to keep your schedules tight and get ready for this incredible time with your partner.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Lancelin Sand Dunes, WA

Last, but undoubtedly not the least. An80-minute ride from the heart of Perth to the massive sand dunes, the place will thrill you from the core. The never-ending stretch of the dunes and the smooth curves on it makes the location perfect for sand boarding. You can also take your four-wheeler with you to enjoy the fascinating experience.

12 Unexplored Regions of Australia

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Wrapping up…

Well, it is not true that nobody has ever visited such areas, but yes those are the paths less traveled by. It may amaze you to know that these areas are not even been attended by most of the Aussies till now. Therefore, if you are making plans, make sure you include it on your list.

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