Planning a family vacation isn’t the most natural thing in the world. Especially when traveling with young children, finding a location that is at the same time comfortable for the little one but also fun for the adults or older kids can be quite a pickle. Most people would instead focus on finding the best kitchen gadgets. However, that’s something that only brings joy to chefs or cooking enthusiasts. On the other hand, a good vacation is something that the entire family can enjoy. However, no matter how difficult the task may seem at first glance, you should breathe easily, knowing that below you are going to find 20 excellent places to visit with kids this year.

1. Nickelodeon Resorts and Hotels – Dominican Republic

This is that type of destination that simply has it all. The kids will love all their favorite characters like SpongeBob or the Ninja Turtles, while the adults will be able to enjoy the fantastic landscape of Punta Cana and the flawless hotel services.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

2. Baha Mar in the Bahamas – a Special Family Vocation

If you want to have the best family vacation but you also don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Bahamas come as an exciting alternative. You will enjoy being able to enjoy the fantastic beaches and blue water while still having plenty of locations so that the kids won’t get bored.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

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3. Woodloch Resort

An all-year-round vacation destination, the Woodloch Resort, which also is the home of the Poconos Mountains retreat, offers something for everyone. In the summer there are plenty of outdoor activities like go-carts, zipline, and swimming. Winter comes with snow-tubing, ice skating, and, of course, the indoor activities for the little ones.

4. Chile Lake District

Even though Chile isn’t exactly the first country that comes to mind when thinking about the best family vacation destination, you’re in for a huge surprise. You will discover a fantastic landscape with an even more interesting culture.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Not only that, Denmark is the birthplace of LEGO, but its capital is also an exciting city that can captivate kids and adults alike. If you’re looking for family travel inspiration, Copenhagen is what you need.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

6. The Dead Sea

No matter if you’re planning a trip to the Dead Sea in Jordan or Israel, you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s perfect for a family vacation, and even though in summer it can get very hot, you will have the unique opportunity of bathing in the saltiest water on the planet.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

7. Galway – Ireland

This nomination has nothing to do with the fact Galway was nominated the European Capital of Culture in 2020. The amazing landscapes and nature will make you forget all about visiting a resort with kids and make you want to put your walking shoes on an explore every inch of this fantastic location.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

 8. Jamaica

Not only that, you are getting endless beaches and a landscape out of this world, but Jamaica is also filled with lots of museums and cultural places. You can discover a lot about Bob Marley, the island’s most famous figure.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

9. Kyrgyzstan

Admittedly, you won’t be able to travel to Kyrgyzstan with little children since it’s not really a country that comes with all the comfort that some European destinations offer. However, you’re in for a fantastic journey with plenty of stories and natural landscapes.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

10. Japan

If you’re all about seeing radically different things than what you’re accustomed to in your country, going to Japan is a great idea. The kids will love the samurai stories while you will be amazed by their mind-blowing culture.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

11. New Caledonia

Again, being a tropical country, you may not want to take really small children here. However, once your kids are able to walk by themselves, this French overseas territory is going to amaze you all with its white sand beaches and pink sunsets.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

12. St. Petersburg – a Russian Family Destination

You can’t miss the famous White Nights in midsummer or the fantastic architecture that this Russian city has to offer. With hundreds of years of tradition, this city will provide you with fantastic architecture and stories about past times.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

13. Sri Lanka

The island situated in South Asia is both beautiful and ancient and attracts millions of tourists each year. You can’t miss the Buddhist monks that are an attraction for kids and adults alike.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

14. Tunisia

Tunisia is a country that has it all. Sunny beaches, Roman architecture and archeology sites, natural reservations, and many more. So, you have multiple types of vacations that you can plan here.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

15. Vancouver Island – British Columbia

Canada should be on your travel list, no matter if you’re going with kids or not. On Vancouver Island, you are going to discover amazing forests, a coastal paradise, and some fantastic nature resorts.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

16. Washington D.C

No matter if you’re going to visit the White House or you’re merely interested in what the city has to offer, Washington gives you plenty of reasons to add it to your list. The National Museum of American History is a must as well.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

17. Wuppertal, Germany

Germany has plenty of exciting cities to visit. However, if you’re already tired of the likes of Berlin, Dortmund, or Frankfurt, Wuppertal is going to offer a pleasant surprise. Make sure not to miss the suspended railway that just turned 120 years old in 2019.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

18. Wyoming

If you’re all about nature, then you can’t cross Wyoming off your list. Yellowstone and Grand Teton are just two significant reasons why you shouldn’t skip the opportunity to visit this fantastic state and everything that it has to offer.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

19. Zambia

Now, if you’re all about amazing natural wonders and national parks, Zambia is the place to go to. 30% of its territory is made up of national parks, so you have plenty to explore here.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

20. LEGOLAND California Resort

We’re ending this list with a trip that is all about the little ones. Even though you will have to pay $90 for admission, the little ones will never forget this fantastic experience.

20 Places to Visit With Your Kids In 2020

Coolcaesar [CC BY-SA]

No matter if you’re about beautiful nature resorts, theme parks, or a rougher experience for your holiday, there’s plenty to choose from in the list we presented. All of the suggestions are suited for children as well, even though some are not exactly recommended for infants. What’s your favorite family vacation destination? Share your experiences (and photos) in the comments section and help others plan their fantastic getaway.

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