Jaipur is that place which is on the one hand is purely ethnic and on the other hand lashes out as one of the most westernize city in the country. It’s cultural and heritage beauty has always been a fascination point for everyone. Lakhs of visitors every year travel to travel to Jaipur. The beauty of Pink City is so diverse that it is somehow impossible to explore each and every thing in a stipulated time therefore I have brought to you the 4 best reasons to visit Jaipur.

So without any delay let’s proceed with the 4 major reasons one by one:

Exploring The Markets of Jaipur is Never a Boring Task

The vibrant and rich culture of Jaipur can be seen in the markets of Jaipur. This city is a paradise for all shopping enthusiasts. If you really wish to taste the ethnicity of the city souvenirs then you should take a visit to the old city of Jaipur. Ethnically designed, shops in this market are something of worth experiencing. Many international travellers love to explore the shopping in the city. Interesting part of shopping in Jaipur is that for every particular thing there is a particular market in the city. For example, for jewelry there is Johri bazar, for textiles there’s Bapu Bazar, for sarees there is Khajane walon ka rasta and so on.

4 Best Reasons To Visit Jaipur This Winter

Famous for Quilts and Mojaris, Jaipur’s blue pottery also plays a vital role in Jaipur shopping which is quite famous among international travellers. One can explore all these shops in their cultural and heritage walk in Jaipur. Do not forget to buy Jaipur Lehngas and ethnic Jaipur jewelry.

Savoring Spicy Laal Maas – The specialty of Rajputi Kitchens

Laal Mass is a Rajasthani non-vegetarian specialty which tempts you to start eating the same and make you watery eyes before you finish it. The dish is cooked by goat and exotic Indian masalas. The dry red chilies and powder brings the exotic red color in the dish. Not only local but many international travellers who visit Jaipur love savoring this amazing dish. This delicacy is an integral part of Cuisine of Jaipur. The dish is served with the sizzling of coriander leaves the presence of which enhances its taste.

4 Best Reasons To Visit Jaipur This Winter

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Experience The luxury of Rambagh Palace

The synonym of Extravagance, Rambagh Palace is a place that spells the luxury, royalty and lavishness. Titled as the best hotels in the world Rambagh Palace is a perfect place where you can experience regal life of the bygone era of the state. Though this hotel is bit expensive, but every single second that is spent here is worth spending. Right start from décor to ambience to services each and every aspect of this hotel throws a splendor of royal Rajasthan which will make you feel pampered every time. This properties is considered as one of the best hotels in Jaipur.

4 Best Reasons To Visit Jaipur This Winter

Enjoying the Regal Era of City Palace

City Palace is a marvelous masterpiece of the British and Rajputi architectural style which will make your Jaipur tours more amazing. A visit to this amazing place is a visit to the bygone royal era of Rajasthan. The City Palace Jaipur is located next to Jantar Mantar which makes it a prominent tourist attraction in the city. The palace is classified into two parts, first is featuring as a museum which is compact with rare and antiques of royal family while the other half is serving as the house of Royal Family where the royal family of Jaipur still dwells. A visit to this amazing place is indeed one of the major reasons to visit Jaipur and spend some quality time with your near and dear ones.

4 Best Reasons To Visit Jaipur This Winter

Actually visiting Jaipur does not require any reason because no matter for what so ever reason you will visit to this place each and every reason will justify your visit to this charming city. Hope all these above discussed reasons will help you in deciding your tour to Jaipur.

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