5 Useful Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

The average home owner can’t afford the extra expense of hiring professional staging experts. There are things you can do, however, to spruce up and enhance the looks of your home that will be just as effective as any staging. Even better – it can be done at a minimum cost.

Here are five things you can do on your own to stage your home for sale:

Thorough Cleaning

Some elbow grease and homemade cleansers can go a long way in improving the looks of your home for the potential buyer. A sparkling clean bathroom accented by a glass bowl of dried flowers and candles in neutral colors is especially appealing. And freshly scrubbed kitchen cabinets help make potential buyers feel comfortable that the property has been maintained well.

5 Useful Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

Neutralize and Accentuate

If your tastes tend to be on the fringe of what’s considered standard, it’s wise to tone down those wild colored walls and go with a neutral-color paint job before showing the property.

5 Useful Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

You will need to eliminate any personal items or those that display your personal taste, because they take the attention away from the home. Temporarily replace them with abstract art and paintings of local landscapes. Remember, you are selling a lifestyle together with your home.

Declutter and Rearrange Furniture

Decluttering is necessary for your potential buyers to actually be able to see your home. That’s not to say rooms should be empty. On the contrary, you should offer ready solutions for the purpose of each room.

5 Useful Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

The furniture arrangement that you’ve lived with for years might not work for the new owner. Have several friends come in and have a think-tank session about moving key furniture pieces around to make areas seem more spacious.

5 Useful Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

Moreover, be prepared for buyers going through your storage and make sure you have everything neatly organized. Rent a storage unit or store your things at a neighbor’s garage.

Add Interest with Accessories

Set your normally bare dining table with dishes and accessories ready for a dinner party and have magazines displayed on the coffee table along with a few intriguing books.

5 Useful Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

Fresh farmer’s market produce and flowers are always a nice touch as well as flickering candles. They add a homey comfort to an interior setting. But, go easy on the scented variety, however, as some people have an aversion to strong odors. On winter days, the crackle of flames from your fireplace can add that warm, fuzzy feeling home buyers are looking for.

Spruce up Your Yard

Your front yard is the first thing real estate shoppers see when they come to your home. Consequently, good or bad impressions of what to expect inside the house start right there on the walk up to your front door. You want to illuminate your garden, patio and pathway, so your visitors can indeed see where they are going. This is especially useful during winter when days get shorter. Besides, it lets them know your home is protected, in a way, as burglars are not likely to be tempted to break in.

5 Useful Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

During the listing period, mow the lawn and rake more often than normal. Plant blooming flower bushes to fill in any vacant spots in your flower beds. And, if there are trees that need pruning and shaping, have it done before the house is put up for sale.

5 Useful Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

Remember, a little goes a long way. A few dollars and some easy DIY projects will enhance your home’s appearance as well as improve your chances of receiving an offer.

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