Let’s face it, airport parking can be costly, especially if you choose to use the on-site facilities that are offered to passengers.

Thankfully there are alternative options available, as well as different strategies to use if you want to make savings, so let’s go over some of the more cost-effective solutions if you are worried about overpaying for airport parking in Louisville.

Find an off-site parking provider

The first way around expensive facilities is to book with an off-site SDF parking provider, of which there are many.

These are typically facilities provided by hotels which are in and around the area, providing you with a place to leave your vehicle, as well as with transport to and from the terminal building when you depart and return. You could pay less than $10 a day to park, with some coming in at under $5.

4 Cheaper Options than Airport Parking in Louisville, KY

Furthermore, the capacity of these off-site facilities will give you an out in the event that in-house spaces are filled up. Of course it is still best to arrange your parking well in advance, both to get better rates, and to avoid missing out on a space.

Arrange and airport shuttle service

If you are heading out on a vacation with your family, or you have a lot of luggage to take with you, then it could be cheaper to book a shuttle service that will pick you up from your front door and drive you directly to the airport.

4 Cheaper Options than Airport Parking in Louisville, KY

Leaving your car at home will of course mean you don’t need to worry about paying for parking, and could be beneficial if you are worried about your vehicle’s security as well.

There are a couple of caveats in this instance, such as needing to live within reasonable driving distance of the airport, and being willing to rely on the shuttle service operator to account for any delays that might occur on your return flight, because of course they’ll be picking you up from the airport as well.

Take the bus

You can get public transport to and from the airport courtesy of TARC, which is almost certainly going to be the lowest cost option for travelers on a tight budget.

Obviously you will have to check up on bus timetables and schedules well in advance, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to actually get to the airport before your flight departs.

4 Cheaper Options than Airport Parking in Louisville, KY

Likewise you will have to check where the buses which drop passengers off at the airport have their stops, and get to a point in the route to hop aboard in the first place.

For those who live centrally and are not worried about taking on a bit more travel admin, the potential to save tens or even hundreds of dollars by getting the bus could be appealing.

Ask a friend or family member for a ride

If you’ve got people in your life who are happy to drive you to the airport to save you having to pay for parking, then don’t be shy about asking them for assistance.

Giving them money for gas is always a good idea, and keeping them sweet with a souvenir on your return will also help grease the wheels of this arrangement.

4 Cheaper Options than Airport Parking in Louisville, KY

Just remember that the drop off and pick up area does have a charge associated with it, although there is a free alternative at the Express Shuttle Lot which won’t leave the driver with anything to pay.

Most importantly, whichever type of cheap parking alternative you choose when flying out of Louisville, don’t leave arranging it to the last minute!