You should never go for a road trip without packing emergency supplies. The road can be unpredictable, and you need to take precautions. Use the following checklist before you leave your home.

Emergency and First Aid Kits

During road trips, your car can break down out of nowhere. Maybe you stepped on something that you’re not aware of, and you get a flat tire. If you don’t have a tire pressure gauge, you’ll have a long day. Therefore, make sure you have an emergency kit in your bag for such occasions. Things to include in that emergency kit are a whistle to call for help, a window breaker in case you lock your keys in the car, a car jack for changing a flat tire, and a warning triangle. You should also have a first aid kit so that you can tend to those that may be injured during the trip.

4 Items to Keep in an Emergency Bag in Your Car on a Road Trip

Registration Documents and Emergency Phone Numbers

If the road trip is going to take you across state borders, carry your registration documents with you because you never know when you’ll get pulled over. Carry both originals and copies just in case the officer asks for both. The other thing you should carry with you is a list of emergency phone numbers in case the car breaks down, and you need a 24/7 fleet roadside service.

4 Items to Keep in an Emergency Bag in Your Car on a Road Trip

Trash Bag

You’re responsible for what happens to the environment. Be an ambassador of cleanliness and environmental preservation. Carry trash bags in your luggage so that you can put waste material in them. Don’t throw your soda cans and bottles outside. Discipline yourself and put everything in the trash bag.

4 Items to Keep in an Emergency Bag in Your Car on a Road Trip


This is the most important thing you need in your emergency travel bag. You should put aside emergency cash in the hidden pockets of your travel bag. Only use that money when you need it. For example, if someone gets sick, and you need to rush him to the hospital, use that money to pay for the medical bill. In addition, make sure that you stick to the travel budget so that you don’t touch the emergency cash.

4 Items to Keep in an Emergency Bag in Your Car on a Road Trip

To conclude, road trips are exciting, but they can go south quickly. For example, someone can get food poisoning or get injured pretty badly. If you don’t have a first aid kit, the situation can get worse. Therefore, always have the above items in your emergency bag in case you run into trouble.