When traveling long distances in your car, your dashboard takes on the role of a command center. To help make the most of this space, it’s a good idea to add various components that can help make your trip more enjoyable and productive. To prevent an over-cluttered dashboard, here are a few accessories that you should focus on first.

Dash Cam

They’re unobtrusive, inexpensive, and have the potential to save you a lot of money with your insurance company. Dash cams have come a long way since they were first installed in vehicles. Today’s dashcams feature plenty of storage to ensure you don’t miss the events of an accident and feature speed displays and other features that make them quite useful for everyday driving. For optimal safety, it’s best to install a dash cam in both the front and rear windows of your vehicle. Doing so can help defend your car against break-ins, hit and runs, and other dangers your car may face while away from home.

What Dashboard Installations Are Best for Road Trips?

Car Stereo

If your vehicle’s stereo system is a little dated, you can install a new car stereo to help put the information you need right at your fingertips. In addition to typical car stereos, a car stereo installation can add an infotainment system to allow you to access navigation, weather, and other applications without any extra effort. Done correctly, a car stereo can be a highlight of a long road trip.

What Dashboard Installations Are Best for Road Trips?

Air Freshener

After spending a long time in your car, the air inside can start to get a little stale. To help overcome this problem, dashboard-mounted air fresheners offer a great solution. Typically, these air fresheners clip directly onto the air vents in your car to allow for maximum distribution of the fresh scent. Just be sure to carefully compare scents before leaving so that you don’t discover that the scent you chose aggravates your allergies.

What Dashboard Installations Are Best for Road Trips?


For vehicles without a built-in navigation system, a dash-mounted GPS unit is an absolute must. Beyond navigation, GPS units do a great job of helping you stay aware of your speed so that you don’t end up with a speeding ticket in some faraway place. Of course, having easy access to the answer to the question “are we there yet?” is also handy to have.

What Dashboard Installations Are Best for Road Trips?

Given its proximity to your windshield, it’s important to choose your dashboard accessories carefully. After all, it’s vital to maintain an unobstructed view through your windshield, especially since you’ll probably be traveling on some new and unfamiliar roads. That’s why proper planning and good research are important steps in accessorizing your vehicle’s dashboard.

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