Are you experiencing any issues with the functioning of your plumbing system? If so, then it may be time to start paying attention to what might be the problem, as the longer you leave things – especially in the winter – the worse, and costlier they’ll become. There are certain things you can definitely take care of yourself, but for all other concerns it’s good to have a plumber’s number at the ready, preferably a 24/7 plumber.

It’s vital to pay attention to the condition of your plumbing system at all different points of the year, and the winter months are no exception. If you want to enjoy a comfortable, smooth and hassle-free winter season, these expert plumbing tips from the pros can help you.

1. Avoid Frozen Pipes

You definitely want to avoid frozen pipes, to take action and stop your water pipes from contracting and bursting, which is very costly to repair. For outdoor hoses you may have, bring them indoors prior to the temperatures dropping. Keep the heat on in your home and keep a faucet dripping just a little, to promote some flow. Find out where the water valve is and how to shut it off, just in case your pipes do burst; anything you can do to limit the damage before a professional plumber arrives is good.

4 Pro Plumbing Tips To Get You Through The Winter

2. Take Care of Residential Plumbing Leaks A.S.A.P.

It’s always a good idea to manage residential plumbing leaks without a second of delay. Don’t wait around to fix any leaks that may be present; assess any and all faucets located in your utility room, bathrooms and kitchen and be on the lookout for signs of water puddles or accumulation in general. If you observe any faucet leak, reach out to a reputable Toronto plumbing service as soon as possible. This can help you steer clear of an expensive and complicated winter leak.

3. Focus on Sump Pump Pit Cleaning

Winter plumbing system leaks can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention they can cost you a pretty penny. If you want to keep winter plumbing headaches out of your mind, then it can help to focus on sump pump pit cleaning. Do this before temperatures get low. Meticulously assess your sump pump, and clean it, too, as pumps that experience severe drops in temperatures are in many cases susceptible to freezing, and pumps that freeze usually cease functioning properly. Sump pumps that stop working can lead to the presence of water in your basement, triggering flooding, which can cause damage to both the structure of your home and the valuables within.

4 Pro Plumbing Tips To Get You Through The Winter

4. Drain Your Property’s Water Heater

Water heater draining can help people who don’t want to deal with annoying wintertime leaks. Look at your water heater: if you think that it has an unusually rusty and old appearance, it may be time to replace it fully. Remember, too, that a good 24/7 plumber can help you manage these and all other kinds of emergency issues.

When the cold weather strikes, so too do certain plumbing issues. Being vigilant, proactive and smart about what needs to be done will save you a lot of nuisance and money down the line.