Boston is a beautiful place to get away for a weekend or vacation. It has many resources, tourist sites, hotels, and many other facilities that both inhabitants and visitors enjoy. Well, we cannot miss talking about the diverse populations within the city, which means it is an excellent place to settle, start a business, or study there.

That is not our focus today, anyway. Maybe you are thinking of traveling from New York to Boston. However, you will be wondering whether to go by air, train, or by bus. Of all the three, traveling by air seems to be more convenient. Comparing a one-hour journey by air and around four hours by bus, you consider air as efficient.

5 Benefits to taking a bus from NYC to Boston

However, traveling by bus has many benefits to enjoy. Here is why we choose to compare NYC to Boston bus options.

1. Affordability

Air is just the way to go if you are in a hurry. Nonetheless, it can be harsh regarding how much you are going to pay. For some of us, going beyond our credit limit is something we would rather avoid, especially if you are in a tight situation.

5 Benefits to taking a bus from NYC to Boston

Think about spending $20, or less, on a journey that is about 220 miles. It is cheap. You could even choose to get on the bus any day, any time. Like, when you are bored, and looking for something to do. Additionally, the rate becomes lower if you make a booking earlier, or if you use the same coach to travel twice.

2. Numerous booking schedules

Sometimes, the airport can become a liability regarding time. One, you have to book a plane on time. Otherwise, you may have to wait for the next day before you get the other scheduled plane heading to your destination. When we talk about traveling by bus, the story is different.

5 Benefits to taking a bus from NYC to Boston

You can book the 4 am bus, the 8 am bus, and the 3 pm bus to Boston, depending on whichever time you want to reach there. However, take note of the time when booking. Sometimes, during peak hours, many people may reserve the same bus, which can hinder your comfort while traveling, and could stop you from going at that time if travelers book all the coaches.

3. Adventure

One hour through a 220-mile stretch is a tedious journey in the air while a four-hour drive through the same time is quite fun. You can do many things while traveling. Think about a new book, new activities, site see different places, use the WIFI, which the service provider gives for free, and meet and interact with new people in the same ride.

5 Benefits to taking a bus from NYC to Boston

It also gives you an opportunity to relax. Some people do not like the idea of driving long distances unless they are in a group. Therefore, the four-hour journeys can be vital if you want to sleep and spend some time alone. Off-peak hours are suitable for you because sometimes, you may have two seats all by yourself.

4. Convenience

If you have to travel by air, the airport is the only place that the airplane will land. Thus, it can be a bit tedious because you have to look for a cab to drive through the city, which also means that you will have to incur more expenses.

5 Benefits to taking a bus from NYC to Boston

Nonetheless, buses will drop you at the station, which is within the city most of the times. It can also be easy for you to find a way to the nearest hotel. By the end of the day, you will save a lot of money and energy.

Extra tip: Leave early. Sometimes traffic within New York City can delay the journey.

5. Environmental friendly

Weather conditions can delay a flight. Well, that could be frustrating if the storm does not change. Additionally, it can interfere with your schedule, let us say if you have a business meeting.

5 Benefits to taking a bus from NYC to Boston

According to research, they say that air is a significant contributor of carbon emissions into the air. If you compare the number of carbon emissions per mile with that of individual vehicles, you will discover that it is the same. However, a bus does not emit as many toxic chemicals as airplanes do.