New York: A City That Always Makes You Feel Brand New

There are quite a few cities in the world which will give you a feeling of being always welcome even when it is not a tourist destination. There are some cities which are inherently cosmopolitan and give off the vibe that one is always welcome to come and stay there, and it goes without a doubt that New York tops the list of all such cities. Being perhaps the most thriving of all metropolitan areas of the globe, its basic simplicity and cosmopolitanism draw people as tourists even from all across the world!

But why? What makes New York so attractive and appealing to all kinds of tourists? While some tourists want to explore the countryside, there are some which like the urban areas more. While some prefer mountains, others prefer beaches, but everyone loves New York. Those who haven’t been there want to visit it, and those who have been there once want to go back to it again and again. There is one very simple reason behind – New York has something for everyone. From every plush hotel new york that one can imagine to cosy bed and breakfasts, from museums to skyscrapers, from crowded streets to secluded corners, this city is a mixture of people, possibilities and wonders! Being inherently so exciting, one cannot help but plan a trip to New York, and if you too want to explore this city, it’s time you start planning your trip! So, how do you ideally plan your trip to this city in the States?

New York: A City That Always Makes You Feel Brand New

Here Are Some Pointers To Keep In Mind:

  • The first and the most important thing will be to fix upon the time of the visit. The ideal time to visit the city would be during the summer that is from about the end of April to September or the time till fall hits. Fall is regarded to be the most beautiful time of the year with trees all filled with fall coloured leaves. This is actually the ideal time to visit the city with a little bit of nip in the air. If you want, you can go there during the winters as well but be prepared for a gruelling cold, and of course, heavy snowfall from time to time.
  • Plan out the duration of your stay properly. It should be such that you can cover most of the places you want to see in and around the city. New York being made up of five boroughs is quite a large place to cover and it is full of places to see. In fact, simply taking a walk down the city streets can take up to two days. So, when you are visiting New York, make sure that you do have that time in your hands to explore the city properly.
  • One very important thing to keep in mind is that New York is a busy city. Many people visit this city for business as well as for tourism purposes, so what do you have to do? If you have some preferences when it comes to your hotel New York, you have to make sure that you get the booking done well in advance. Finding the right hotel can be tough, and it will surely be expensive, but make sure that you find the right one so that you may enjoy a stay of your choice when in the city.
  • Flight tickets too need to be booked in advance. It is best if you book the flight tickets for about 4 months prior to your date of flying, as that way, you will be able to save more and get the flight tickets at a reasonable price. Christmas is generally a very busy time, so you might want to avoid travelling during that period.

Places That You Have To Visit When In NYC

Okay, so the list of places that one ought to visit when in NYC is an unending one. There are some places that you cannot afford to miss. Let’s take a brief look at some of them:


The Museum of Modern Art is something that you have to visit. Replete with examples of modern art as well as some of the masterpieces of the world, if you are in NYC, then you have to visit this place at least once.

New York: A City That Always Makes You Feel Brand New

Central Park

This is a stroll that you have to take! Located smack in the centre of Manhattan, this park has a calling of its own – like a little place of green within the steel grey city! From lakes to ice skating rinks, this is a place that you simply have to visit!

New York: A City That Always Makes You Feel Brand New

Empire State Building

This iconic architecture of the city has an appeal of its own, and you need to visit it at least once. You can take a ride right up to the top of the building and get a beautiful bird’s eye view of the entire glittering city.

New York: A City That Always Makes You Feel Brand New

Times Square

Hands down this is one of the most happening places in Manhattan. From having the main offices of some of the biggest conglomerates of the world to Broadway, Times Square is the place to head out to at night. Well, if you are in the city on New Year’s Eve, then you should definitely catch the ball drop at the centre of Times Square!

New York: A City That Always Makes You Feel Brand New

Statue of Liberty

Head out to Staten Island in a ferry and catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, which is, of course, the most defining feature of this city.

New York: A City That Always Makes You Feel Brand New

True to its word, this city never sleeps. It is home to thousands of people from across the world that have built their world here. This is also one of the most exciting places when it comes to tourism. Apart from the above-mentioned places, NYC has so much more to offer. From hot dogs to pizzas, New York will never bore you. More than a destination, it is a dream, and hence, if you want to make the most of your trip to this city, then follow the above given-pointers and head out to NYC today!

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