5 Famous Nude Beaches

Everyone has a different opinion about nudism. Nude beaches can provide especially joy giving you the freedom to connect with nature. However, fact is that this is yet a controversial topic. For many people there is a psychological barrier because nudism is seeing such exhibitionism. Nudist beaches had always existed and on them we can found people from all generations. We will present the most exclusive beaches that are intended for all who want to sunbathe without traces of bikini.

1. Anse de Grande Saline, Saint Barts

Although nudity is prohibited in St. Barts, this is one of two beaches on the French island Levard which attracts tourists. The most beautiful beach in the world is visited by the world’s famous top models.

5 Famous Nude Beaches

Image by Jay Colbath via Flickr

5 Famous Nude Beaches

Image by Guillaume via Flickr

2. Haulover Beach, United States of America

This beach is the origin of all the big games, such as naked volleyball tournaments. The advantage of this beach is very good organization and presence of rescuers in case of need.

5 Famous Nude Beaches

Image by Phillip Pessar via Flickr

3. Little Beach, Hawaiian Island

The famous nudist beach called Little Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches around the world. The beach non-stop is filled with nude sunbathers, but some people choose to wear clothes and they are mostly tourists. The water and the sand there are perfect and visit of this beach for sure will be your great excitement.

5 Famous Nude Beaches

Image by jcsandoval4 via Flickr

4. Paraia do Pinho, Brazil

Pinho Beach is considered the first naturist beach in Brazil. Its enormous beauty is complemented by white sand. The strong waves and clear water are the main peace of the its extraordinary. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and mountains with almost untouched greenery.

5 Famous Nude Beaches

Image by fabian.kron via Flickr

5. Samurai Beach, Australia

Samurai beach is almost a mile long. It is famous for its white sand and nudist Olympic Games are held there every year. But careful, because of very thin layer of ozone protection any longer exposure to the sun ends disastrously for the body.

5 Famous Nude Beaches

Image by aidan casey via Flickr

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