The scorching summer has just ended, and you want to enjoy the cold weather somewhere peaceful and away from all the hustle and bustle of life. A visit to Western Massachusetts might give you some refreshing memories if you plan to visit it in early October. With various spectacular places to visit, you’ll love the colors, the people, and the natural beauty that surrounds the Western Mass. If you don’t believe that the best things in life are free, here is your chance to dump that myth right now.

The good thing is that nature doesn’t follow a strict schedule. You must watch all the weather reports before you visit all those beautiful places. A trip that will take your breath away and leave you with memories that you cannot forget. It might be pleasantly cool or not-so-pleasant on some days. So, it is better that you take all the clothes for cold weather before you visit any of the following these places.

The Gorgeous Drive at Mohawk Trail

If you’ve never been to New England, this is the perfect place to start your exploration.

Charge your phone, gather all your props because you are about to drive through the Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley, passing the rivers, the forest, and with various attractions along the way. Native Americans formed the Mohawk Trail as a pathway between Hudson and Connecticut and valleys.

5 places to explore in Western Mass

If you love adventure, prepare yourself for the famous hairpin turn. A place close to North Adams, where the trail will rise, and you’ll be able to witness the gorgeous riot of foliage colors, along with some areas of Vermont and Massachusetts and a sneak peek at the Mount Greylock and Mount Williams.

Meet the Nature at Mid-Century Modern

After Mohawk Trail right on the western side, there is Williamstown. There are 316 acres of lush fields, with gorgeous meadows along with a variety of birds and other creatures who will welcome you with open arms.

Furthermore, there are two houses; first is the Bauhaus-style house that is surrounded by landscaped gardens and around 13 sculptures that contain the famous work of Herbert Ferber and Richard M. Miller.

5 places to explore in Western Mass

The second building is like a pinwheel shaped cottage, also known as ‘The Folly,’ which is designed by Ulrich Franzen. The house contains furnishings and creations done by him. Both of these buildings are designed in a way that they perfectly fit their surroundings and support complement the natural beauty around them. The Field Farm is free to visit, but they also take donations as well.

The Animagic Museum of Animation

Are you a fan of animation? Even if you don’t like to see how the animation is done, the Animagic Museum of Animation will keep you engaged for the whole day. Located at Berkshires, you’ll believe that it is mere magic of creation and art and innovation that will entice the kids to stay for hours in this museum.

Just like the feeling of something brand new, there will be actual models of puppets along with stereoscopic 3-D effect and many education films running at various locations.

You’ll be amazed to witness how the special effects in Hollywood movies are made. The great thing about this museum is that it is open for all seven days of the week. But there is some fee for the two-hour workshop, which teaches kids how to make your animated movie from start to finish right from their home.

Visit the Historic Deerfield

Are you an explorer of history? If yes, then the Historic Deerfield a must-visit place for you. Situated at the Pioneer valley close to the towns of Northampton and Amherst, that encompasses the surroundings of the valleys. If you take a walk down the street, you’ll notice 18th-century houses on both sides. Two buildings are still preserved for public viewing; of course, without any fee, you can enjoy them.

5 places to explore in Western Mass

Do your kids share your interest in history? Here is a perfect time to take those kids back in time in the 1700s and give them a glimpse of how things used to work in ancient times.

Mount Sugarloaf – Watch out for the River

There are tons of fun things to do in Western Mass, and when you move to South of Deerfield, you’ll find Mount Sugarloaf, which is one of those things.

A mountain that itself is a hall of attraction for many tourists. If you are a good athlete, you are welcome to climb the 652 feet mountain and watch the world from the top.

5 places to explore in Western Mass

The folks who are in good shape can easily reach the hill in 40 minutes. A word of caution is that few steps are steep, so you need to grab the branch of a tree or whatever you can grab at that moment. It is advised to wear hiking shoes while climbing the mountain and keep bottled water with you on your way top.

5 places to explore in Western Mass

Take some selfies, read a book, talk to people along the way. Find a spot and do a picnic with your friends and family. There are various activities that you’ll be able to do once you’re there at the top. There is this observation tower, just two spiral staircases, which gives you a spectacular view of the Pioneer Valley and the surrounding Connecticut River.

Wrapping it all up

Work is important. But, at times, everyone needs a break. And if the break is a date with nature, what else do you need? If you don’t have the money right now, start saving today and plan a trip next year.

Life is short. You cannot expect to live long. But what you have is the ability to plan and make things better for yourself. In those times, when nothing seems to work out – the best advice is to take some time off from work and plan out a vacation on places like these. A trip that will not just give you memories; it will help you to reboot your mind, soul, and body.

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