6 Amazing Road Trips in Tasmania

If you’re a fan of road trips, you’re definitely going to love what Tasmania has to offer an adventurer like you. The Island is a perfect mix between wild and tame, making road trips comfortable but in no way boring. As the island has a lot to offer, you should carefully plan your road trip. Even though spontaneity is never a bad idea, having a detailed plan will help you see everything in a given period of time. You’ll simply get the most out of your road trip. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Follow the Yellow Brick Road from Hobart

Once you’re done preparing for your road trip, it’s time to get going. It’s most convenient to start your journey in Hobart, as it has its own airport. Getting around Tasmania from there should be easy as you’ll get to rent a car for an affordable price.

6 Amazing Road Trips in Tasmania

After you get settled in, you should head up to Mount Wellington. If you want to see the best of Hobart and enjoy nature’s beautiful scenery, Mount Wellington is bound to impress you. It offers the best views of Hobart and wider areas, so don’t forget your camera.

You should also visit the Museum of Tasmania to learn more things about this magical island. The evening is best spent exploring Salamanca and the Battery point.

2. Tasmania’s temper- Tasman Peninsula

We usually associate Tasmania with a temperament. From wild nature to the Tasmanian devil, it’s clear that the island evokes strong emotions. If you want to get to know Tasmania on this level, you shouldn’t miss the Tasman peninsula.

6 Amazing Road Trips in Tasmania

Here, you’ll get to experience the notorious Tasmanian weather that gives the island its temperamental nature. As well as that, you’ll get to see convict coal mines and even experience mesmerizing coastal scenery.

When you get hungry, don’t shy away from food trucks, as that’s the only way to eat fish and chips in Tasmania. Those who like to walk should go for the dog line museum, then head forward to the tessellated pavements. Once again, you’ll get to see the coast and enjoy arguably the best view in Australia.

3. One with nature in Freycinet National Park

If you can’t get enough of nature, definitely don’t miss the Freycinet National Park. Though the Park isn’t too far away from from civilization, you should pay attention to what part of the day you’re heading over there. If it’s dusk or dawn, be extra cautious as wildlife lives here and it’s not unheard of it jumping in the middle of the road when it thinks its safe.

6 Amazing Road Trips in Tasmania

On the bright side, this also means that you’ll get to encounter some of Tasmania’s inhabitants if you’re lucky enough. Once you reach the Park, you can check out the visitor centre and decide what you want to do. One of the best walks you can opt for is the Wineglass Beach Walk.

As this is one of the most beautiful walks in Tasmania, the guided tour might be busy. If you want to avoid crowds and still see the Wineglass Beach, walk down to it from the lookout. You’ll get to truly be one with nature this way, as the beach is usually quiet. Most tourists limit their walk to the lookout and back, but you don’t have to.

4. Paradise of relaxation- Tamar Valley

Tasmania really does offer something for everybody, as it’s not filled with only otherworldly adventures. Tamar Valley is a perfect destination for those who want to take it slow, enjoy the nature around them, and just sink into the feeling of tranquility that the surrounding provides.

6 Amazing Road Trips in Tasmania

This is your chance to get closer to the animals of Tasmania, too, as Tamar Valley is home to Seahorse World and Platypus house. For some, this may be the only chance to meet Australia’s native animals up close.

Cataract gorge should be your next stop, as you’ll get to experience nature in its purest form. Swimming in the lake is also an option you shouldn’t overlook.

5. At the top of the world via Cradle Mountain

Those into active Tasmania travel should consider visiting Cradle Mountain. The day will be filled with breathtaking scenery, but also with plenty of opportunities for hiking. As well as that, you may even get to ride horses at this location.

6 Amazing Road Trips in Tasmania

We recommend your morning begins with one of Cradle Mountain’s shorter walks, so that your mind and body wake up in a healthy way. Feeling fresh and awake is the perfect mood for the day of activities you’re about to have.

You should also visit Queenstown while you’re there- an old mining town, telling stories of an ancient life.

6. A smaller piece of heaven- Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a smaller heaven within the heaven known as Tasmania. As it is located just an hour away from Hobart, this might be the perfect way to end your road trip. You’ll get to visit and explore the city while still catching your flight in Hobart on time.

6 Amazing Road Trips in Tasmania

Make sure that you’re not travelling near holidays or weekends, as all of Tasmania seems to take advantage of the Island as a getaway.

The neck viewpoint is one of Bruny Island’s prized views, so you definitely can’t miss it. Before you leave, catch the last of the amazing coastal views in Tasmania. You could even consider beach hopping.


With its untamed nature and amazing scenery, Tasmania is bound to win any traveler over. You’ll get to see the old and the new, the tame and the wild, the rural and the urban- all in one trip. Australia is known for taking care of its nature, but it also keeps up with the times better than most countries in the world. This is why Tasmania is so appealing to travelers all around the world. This year’s adventure will definitely be a road trip on such a unique and beautiful island. Hopefully, you’re prepared for the fact that Tasmania will never leave your heart after this grand endeavor.

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