A safari to the vast and unspoilt land of the Serengeti in Africa is an experience every travel lover should have. The enchanting wildlife playground of Seronera, the calving grounds of Ndutu, the fun river crossings in Kogatende and Grumeti- there’s so much to see and admire.

If you plan to spend a few days of your Safari on the Serengeti, here are five things you should know that will make your trip unforgettable:

Seeing the Big Five

The Big Five refers to Africa’s five most famous animals: the lion, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros and elephant. These iconic animals were initially grouped because they were a rare sight and hard to hunt; but today, tourists can spot and ‘hunt’ them with their binoculars and cameras. A Serengeti safari provides the ideal opportunity to see these unique animals in their natural habitat.

5 Things to know about a Serengeti Safari

Packing Picnic Lunches

While on the Serengeti safari, it’s a good idea to pack your picnic lunch so you can enjoy an uninterrupted game drive for the entire day. There’s no definite rule surrounding what picnic lunch you should pack, but favourite combinations by safari fans include water, fresh fruit, biscuits, sandwiches, pasta or rice.

5 Things to know about a Serengeti Safari

Safety on the safari

Contrary to belief in some parts of the world, Africa is generally safe with James Wels from the Huffington Post commenting that “there are in fact areas that are worse off in more developed countries than in the “dangerous” African countries”

5 Things to know about a Serengeti Safari

While the Serengeti is safe, there are basic rules you shouldn’t overlook. First, don’t feed animals. Aside from the fact that it’s illegal, it attracts other animals to tourist vehicles for food. And while on the safari, your arms and head should be in the car even though it’s okay to open the windows.

5 Things to know about a Serengeti Safari

It’s also advisable that tourists should never walk unaccompanied or leave the stated boundaries. Tourists with children should be with them at all times whilst on the safari. It’s important to note that drones are not allowed and will be confiscated if spotted.

Packing for the Safari

Aside from packing lunches, there is a lot more to do. For example, since night and dawn game drives can be a little chilly, be sure to include some trousers and sweaters in your suitcase. When out on safari, you may also take guided nature walks across the tracts of the Serengeti. Hiking shoes or sneakers are ideal footwear for this adventure so make sure you pack a pair.

5 Things to know about a Serengeti Safari

You will also want to pack power banks or extra batteries for your camera as tented camps do not have 24-hour electricity. You may not even have access to Wi-Fi in the tented camps and campsites. While Shadows of Africa vehicles usually have Wi-Fi hotspots, they are not wholly reliable as they rely on Tanzanian cell service.

Passing the night on the Serengeti

Tourists with a sense of adventure, or on a budget can choose to camp on the Serengeti, and there are a range of accommodation options that can be found at popular travel specialists sites like africaodyssey. There are two campsites (Seronera and Lobo), and necessary facilities (like the restrooms) are for public use.

5 Things to know about a Serengeti Safari

However, tourists that don’t fancy sleeping under the open skies- or those with children- can use the tented camps; this combines the experience of being in the wilderness with the comforts of staying in a hotel. You will also have your private restroom and bedroom.

Furthermore, tourists who prefer the familiarity of brick and mortar can opt for the lodges. The lodges usually have televisions, kids clubs and pools.