Summer is the favorite season for so many people. If you think about it, it’s easy to understand why. Nature is blooming, markets are overflowing with fresh fruit and vegetables, and everybody seems happier than usual. Sunshine is inviting us to go outside and enjoy our time with friends and family. There aren’t many things that can beat chilling by the pool and having a party with the people you love. However, the blazing summer sun can spoil the fun if there’s no shade around. From feet-frying pool decks to sunburns, there are many reasons why you should consider shading your pool. Here are some useful ideas that will guide you through the ways you can cover your pool and enjoy your blissful time in the shade.

1. Plant some trees.

Trees are the lungs of our planet. Aside from producing fresh oxygen, they also provide beautiful natural shade. Greenery will make every backyard more inviting. If you’re looking for ways to shade your pool, this is one of the ways to do it. Trees will not only shelter you from the harmful sun rays, but they will also attract singing birds. On the downside, they take a long time to grow to its full size, so you’ll need to arm yourself with patience. They also require regular maintenance which includes cleaning the fallen leaves and other natural debris. Also, you need to plant them smartly. It may be a good idea to consult an expert to help you understand how much trees are going to spread and what their ideal placement is.

5 Ways To Cover Your Pool And Enjoy It In The Shade

2. Get the sails up.

If you want a stylish and perhaps a bit edgy look of your swimming pool area, then you should consider shade sails. Attached to polls anchored in your yard, they stretch across areas that you want to shade. Because they usually come in a triangular shape, they don’t provide a full coverage unless you install several layers. There is a great variety of options to choose from. They come in many different materials and colors, and some of them even have UV protection. Although new shade sails are made of waterproof materials, they are still very sensitive to winds so it’s highly advisable to choose the setup that will allow you to detach them quickly in case of a storm.

5 Ways To Cover Your Pool And Enjoy It In The Shade

3. Build a roof over it.

If you have special shading requirements, one of the fail-proof ways to shade your pool is to build a solid shade structure. They come in many different forms and types of fabric. Custom-made steel frames and a fabric canopy make swimming pool shade structures both stylish and practical. The canopy is usually made of shade-cloth or PVC fabric. Since these shade structures come in so many different forms, you can choose the amount of shade you want to get. A solid roof will provide you with full shade while lattice will allow some light to shine through. Another great thing about these roofs is that you can make them retractable. They offer a great deal of flexibility and a design that will fit your outdoor space perfectly.

5 Ways To Cover Your Pool And Enjoy It In The Shade

4. Pergola – shade, and shelter.

If you’re looking for ways to find shelter from the blazing sun without covering the pool itself, then putting a roof on a pergola may be the perfect solution for you. It provides not only shade but privacy as well. It will define your swimming pool area, giving it a warm and stylish touch. You can enjoy the sun and water and then retreat to this lovely structure. Lounge chairs or other comfortable seating will only add to a relaxing atmosphere. Adding some potted flowers and other outdoor accessories will transform your patio area making it modern and romantic. A thoughtfully designed pergola will incorporate beauty and function into the swimming pool area in your home.

5 Ways To Cover Your Pool And Enjoy It In The Shade

5. Add umbrellas

The easiest and probably the least expensive way to add shade to your swimming pool area is to add patio umbrellas. Whether you want to cover your outdoor table, seating area or pool lounge chairs, umbrellas will do the trick. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. What makes them great is that they are flexible and movable. Homeowners can easily move them around following the movement of the sun throughout the day. That means that they can provide shade both in and out of water. For those who don’t plan on moving the umbrellas around, there are permanent ones which can provide up to 50m2 of shade. With their minimalistic design, they are perfect for modern homes.

5 Ways To Cover Your Pool And Enjoy It In The Shade


A swimming pool is a perfect spot to enjoy the sun on a hot summer day. However, sometimes we need shelter from the heat. There are many ways to shade your pool area, and following these few will ensure your home stays stylish while you keep cool this summer.