Have you ever noticed that whenever family and friends visit, your living room suddenly shrinks to a matchbox size? Or, some people have to sit on the floor, while others take up the comfortable couch space?

While you might love entertaining family or friends in your home, a problem immediately occurs when a certain number of guests have to squeeze into the limited seating areas. Eventually, everyone groups in the kitchen for that “round the fire talk.” The kitchen is definitely a popular hangout area, but living rooms are specifically designed for entertaining and relaxing.

5 Ways to get More Space in Your Small Living Room

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Your living room is the place you display wonderful memories, hang little trinkets from your latest adventures and other items that you want people to see. The room is also designed for intimate gatherings, comfortable seating and fun conversation. While it may seem almost impossible to infuse all these elements into your small living room, you still can create more seating space without making guests feel cramped using the following five ideas.

Have Walkways

Arrange your living room furniture in such a way that it allows traffic flow on both sides of the sofa. This not only adds space, but functionality as well. As you pick out a coffee table, choose bunching tables or a narrow table to help you save space, while providing functionality and mobility; ensure that the distance between the front of the sofa and the coffee table is at least 16 to 18 inches, your knees should not bang when you sit.

5 Ways to get More Space in Your Small Living Room

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Focus on the Floor

Place some oversized floor cushions or throw pillows on the floor, or use a coffee table that comes with hideaway stools. This will welcome guests to use the floor without having them sacrifice comfort, a unique way to adding more seating to an already small living room. When not in use, stack the cushions or pillows against the walls; you will notice that they also add some color and texture to your space.

5 Ways to get More Space in Your Small Living Room

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Avoid Bulky Furniture

The smaller furniture you can find the better. Choose pieces that will not get in the way, for example a small sofa and two chairs instead of an oversized sofa. The small sofa, also known as a settee or loveseat, can be found in sizes ranging from 54 to 69 inches, and a small-sized couch can take as much as 78 inches from your living room space.

5 Ways to get More Space in Your Small Living Room

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If your goal is to achieve comfortable seating, you do not need a sofa with huge arms on it. An armless or narrow arm piece will create more room that people can even share. Such changes will drastically make your room appear less cramped and larger.

Your Living Room Layout

Your furniture’s placement is important for adding more seating. Consider placing chairs at an angle or using a corner entertainment center to get more wall space for adding more furniture.

5 Ways to get More Space in Your Small Living Room

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Remove Extra Tables

Everyone loves lamps, but that also means that they require end tables to hold them. The end tables in turn are taking up precious living room space. Instead, move your tables to the other rooms where they may be useful and use ceiling or floor lamps and wall sconces.

5 Ways to get More Space in Your Small Living Room

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Once you follow the five tips above, you are virtually guaranteed that you will have an inviting and open living room no matter the size space you are dealing with. Instead of losing sleep over the small space with little seating area, take on the challenge with an open mind and use your creativity to get more space. You can also apply some innovative building solutions that you can apply to get even more space, not only from your living room, but other rooms as well.