Having a pet in the house is having another family member. It is the exact same reason that their welfare must also be taken into consideration when remodeling a bathroom. In addition, it is why you should think of ways on how to make this space convenient and safe for him. With a pet-friendly bathroom, your pet friend will live a happier and safer life. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve it.

Non-slip shower floors

One of the best ways on how to improve and make your bathroom canine-friendly is to use non-slip shower floors. There are many ways on how you can do it, such as installing non-slip surfaces like textured materials or a special coating. If you’re a bit short on budget, you can also opt for cheaper materials, too. Using nonslip shower floors, you can prevent any anxiety in cleaning your pet that can stay safe from any slip and fall injury.

6 Brilliant Ideas for Pet-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

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A closed toilet lid

With a closed toilet lid, you can make the shower a pet-friendlier place to clean your canine friend. One of its benefits is minimizing any danger or injury to your pet. Doing so, you can also have peace of mind that he’ll be out of harm if you’re using automatic bowl cleaners and other chemicals.

Otherwise, your pet might be at risk of poisoning that can pose health harm or lead to fatality. More so, you can prevent him from drowning especially that pets tend to drink water from the bowl.

6 Brilliant Ideas for Pet-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

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On the other hand, it might help that you use a bubbler to keep your pets away from the toilet. Also, running water can them away from your toilet and give them circulating and fresh water. You can consult a plumber about installing a bubbler that can be plumbed into the water line in the bathroom.

Locked cabinets

In addition, you might want to use locked cabinets in your bathroom when remodeling. It is a great way to lock your vanity cabinets, for instance, and keep your pet safe from any cleaning products, cosmetics, chemicals or medicines. Or else, your pet might be at risk of poisoning. Remember this tip when thinking about remodeling your bathroom and making it safer for your furry friends.

6 Brilliant Ideas for Pet-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

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An open-concept shower

Another tip to bear in mind when remodeling your bathroom is to use an open-concept shower, which can make it easier for you to bathe your pet especially if remodeling a small bathroom. It can also make your the space cozy and luxurious in the process.

With an open-concept bathroom, you don’t also have to use any tub wall and climb over it to take a shower. You also don’t need to lift your dog over this wall to bathe it. Nevertheless, this bathroom can give you plenty of room when cleaning him.

6 Brilliant Ideas for Pet-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

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On the other hand, you can replace your old shower or tub combo using a walk-in shower that will make it easier in getting a larger pet in and out.

In addition, you can think about having a handheld shower closer to the ground for easier bathing when you have to rinse his muddy paws. Lastly, don’t forget about a large drain to prevent clogging due to pet hair.

6 Brilliant Ideas for Pet-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

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To make an open-concept design more appealing, you may also want a curbless model that can prevent struggling or tripping to get inside and outside the shower.

In case of water damage

However, there are times when you have to deal with water damage in remodeling your bathroom in addition to making it pet-friendly. For any issues involving it, you might want to get help from a specialist that can devise and execute a plan to solve the problem.

6 Brilliant Ideas for Pet-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

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In case of pet injury

But there are also times when a pet injury can arise no matter how you make your bathroom pet-friendly. If your dog is injured, you should get help from a canine rehabilitation specialist. One is an animal health professional that works in improving your pet’s movement range as well as offer pain management services. He or she can work through a treatment plan and make adjustments along the way to achieve progress.

6 Brilliant Ideas for Pet-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

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Consider these tips to create a pet-friendly bathroom that also improves the way you take care of your furry friend today!