Farmhouse bathroom decor combines modern colors and materials with a classic style that favors rustic charm, reclaimed woods and hammered metal or copper. It’s popular decor for bathrooms as the warm tones help create a soothing and relatable interior. It’s not just a space that looks good but one that welcomes you in.

Should you be using reclaimed wood and upcycled materials, a DIY farmhouse bathroom could even save you significant money. Unless sourcing antiques, there’s potential your renewed materials cost less than purchasing all new amenities, fixtures and fittings.

Here’s what you need to know about bringing that farmhouse vibe to your bathroom:

Sliding Barn Door

Your farmhouse bathroom decor starts and ends with a sliding barn door. Channelling the design of a traditional barn immediately sets the scene for occupants, but beyond that, a sliding door is a great space-saving option. Without it swinging inwards, a sliding door offers more space and creates the illusion of the bathroom being bigger than it actually is.

However, it’s worth considering that the exterior of the sliding door may not match the aesthetic of an adjoining room if the farmhouse decor does not extend beyond the bathroom.

How to Achieve Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Wood Bathroom Vanity

A white bathroom vanity crafted from wood should do a good job of suiting the colours of the desired farmhouse bathroom decor. But you could lift the design up a notch and have the vanity top unpainted and presented in natural wood grain. This would certainly look the part, and you could expand the personality of the room by purchasing an antique wood vanity or having one crafted from reclaimed wood.

How to Achieve Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

A wood farmhouse vanity is one of the essential items for capturing the desired aesthetic. Further specifications are up to you. The type of sink, whether metal, copper or ceramic, the number of drawers and handles should all suit personal preferences, including any desire for a double vanity.

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror

There are no set rules when it comes to a farmhouse bathroom mirror. Square, circle or rectangle shapes all suit the style so long as you choose a frame that possesses a vintage look and feel. Of course, the frame will want to be white, wood grain or copper to match the vanity.

How to Achieve Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Consider having sconce lighting aligned on either side or above in a colour that complements the frame and vanity fixtures. Warm backlighting behind the mirror is also an option.

We don’t recommend a distressed mirror for the bathroom as they are more for presentation and less for daily use.

Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths are popular additions to modern bathrooms. However, the timeless appeal also makes them especially relevant to farmhouse bathroom decor. Not only do freestanding bathtubs contribute rustic charm, they’re also lux items that instantly elevate any bathroom regardless of style.

How to Achieve Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Some homeowners purchase a freestanding bath and vanity sink with the same design and faucets made from matching materials.

Beyond the aesthetic, freestanding baths give you more positioning choices and are cheaper to install as they require no additional tiling and plastering work.

Farmhouse Bathroom Toilet

Unlike many aspects of farmhouse decor, there are no specific toilet designs to look for. Thankfully, most modern white toilets should do the trick.

The best toilet for your home is one that meets your style and needs, and there’s no shortage of options to choose from. So shop around. Rimless toilets are easier to clean, while a concealed cistern helps achieve that minimalist approach. Some toilets are also more water-efficient than others.

How to Achieve Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Chandeliers

Bathroom chandeliers are extravagant light fixtures for modern bathrooms but were a staple of many classic rooms, including more opulent farmhouse bathrooms. A chandelier can be a statement piece adding a sense of luxury and class. Equip a chandelier with your choice of efficient LED bulbs or wall-mounted chandeliers with scented aromatherapy candles. Whatever you desire.

How to Achieve Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Chandeliers do take up significant space. Houzz estimates that they look best in bathrooms of at least 100 square feet or 150 feet if also equipping a freestanding tub. Chandeliers are not for every farmhouse bathroom. Just the larger, more fanciful ones.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

With the major amenities and fixtures covered, here are 6 quick tips for completing that farmhouse bathroom decor:

  • Consider using mason jars for storing the toothbrush and other vanity accessories. These epitomise that old fashioned style, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider mason jar vases as well.
  • Bathroom walls can be painted white or be wood grain to continue the aesthetic. Many designers favor shiplap planks for the walls to capture a barn ethos and add texture. Of course, it’s up to you, and white tiles wouldn’t look out of place adorning the walls and the floor.
  • Reclaimed wood shelving matching the vanity would provide great storage for linen. Alternatively, turning an old ladder into a DIY wood towel rack fits the popular trend and saves you the money on buying a ladder display specifically made for this purpose.
  • Bathroom signs lettered with handwritten messages are another nice touch. Using a piece of reclaimed wood and scrawling a heart-warming or funny message can add homeliness or humor, but won’t suit the tastes of every homeowner.
  • An antique window frame decoration can add further visual interest to blank wall space. This repurposes old, weathered window frames or shutters as an indoor feature that can be painted and styled to your choosing. Fill the interior with a small shelf, a candle, plant or art print to complete the look.
  • Vintage hand mirrors crafted from materials similar to the faucets and fixtures can complement the farmhouse bathroom design.

How to Achieve Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Is Farmhouse Style Right for You?

A bright farmhouse bathroom can make a huge difference to home decor. It may not suit apartments and architecturally unique builds. But those looking to perform renovations to an existing home will find a lot to like about the modern farmhouse style. It works in many rooms and even the bathroom.