Every place you visit will have unique looks, characteristics, and ambiance. Thus, if you want pictures of your trips to look good, you must capture all these qualities.

You’re less likely to remember the smell and buzz of a flower garden from your visit two years ago. The thrill of a huge roller coaster or the wildebeest migration in your host country. For those and more reasons, your photography needs to be good enough to bring back the sensation. It needs to trigger your memory. It should communicate to others how you felt on that trip.

To achieve this, you need to think and feel as much as you look when taking pictures. Think about what made you settle on that destination out of all the places in the world. Was it the beautiful beaches, the famous mountains, the food, or the culture?

Travel Photography: 6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures Abroad

That site or activity you looked forward to is something you want to capture in your photography. Remember that there may be other interesting aspects about the place you’re visiting. That’s how research comes in to ensure you don’t miss out on much.

Photography Tips to Taking Better Pictures While Overseas

For many people, going on a trip means coming back with amazing photos. You go on an adventure, see beautiful scenes, and capture them. Travel photography helps to bring the world to people, exposing them to what else is out there.

Apart from beautiful photos, ensure your travel destination has amazing scenery. Imagine cloud-shrouded mountains and clear blue water extending to as far as your eyes can go. Nature has a unique way of surprising humanity. It creates the most amazing architecture and hides them in faraway land.

Let’s now discuss some of the photography tips you need to take better pictures on your next trip.

1. Begin to Improve Your Photography Skills

To become a better photographer, you can enroll in some online photography classes. You can also choose to practice regularly. This is how people get better at taking pictures. It’s not only because they have the latest gear or use Instagram filters.

You may have been doing photography for many years. But there’s always something new to learn. Join online classes on photography or read photography books to improve your skill.

Travel Photography: 6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures Abroad

Putting what you’ve learned into practice is still one of the best ways to validate and further improve your skills.  How about challenging yourself and shooting portraits at the beautiful beaches in Saint Kitts and Nevis? A Saint Kitts and Nevis passport will enable you to travel and enjoy photography during your trip to the Caribbean.

Taking time to learn new techniques will make you a resourceful travel photographer.

2. Use of the Right Shooting Modes and Settings

Specific modes and formats in your photography will help you get high-quality images. To begin with, ensure you shoot in RAW. This helps you to get maximum post-processing flexibility. True, RAW files don’t need editing. But the results will be worth it.

If you don’t like shooting in RAW, you can shoot in RAW plus JPEG.  It produces both types of files each time you hit the shutter. It also takes up more space. Thus, you must have enough memory cards.

Travel Photography: 6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures Abroad

Secondly, you can get off auto mode and shoot shutter priority or manual mode. These options will give you control over your camera’s exposure settings. This will help you in capturing detailed and creative images.

You can also adjust your aperture and shutter speed for various creative effects. Aperture affects the depth of field, enabling you to create beautiful background blur by shooting with a shallow depth of field. Shutter speed adjustments ensure you have sharp images even when capturing action.

3. Think Outside the Box

Creativity is the rule of the game in photography. But if you shoot using obvious photography ideas, you’ll feel uninspired and get bored. Some views are popular, look strikingly beautiful and you’ll want to capture them. Go on and have fun capturing them. But to make them look different, take unique angles and compositions of lighting.

Travel Photography: 6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures Abroad

Consider the shallow depth of field effects and intentional camera movement techniques. Focus on nailing the exposure and other technical qualities to unleash your creativity. The following ideas will help you get unique images:

  • Take your shorts from the ground with a wide-angle lens
  • Climb some stairs if any and shoot from above
  • Always work on compositions with leading lines and frame elements.

4. Shoot During the Best Hours

Have you ever taken photos that look too faded with very little brightness? Well, that’s because you took them during the wrong time of the day. So keep this in mind next time you travel and need to take pictures. The golden hours are mostly after sunrise or before sunset.

Travel Photography: 6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures Abroad

The light is softer during these times of the day. It’s well diffused with enhanced color, shadows, and shapes. These are the ideal times to take photos.

It may not be easy for you to be at the right place at the right time. But, if you want amazing pictures, aiming for these time slots will be worth the effort.

5. Blend in With the Surroundings

Nothing is as bad as having someone at the corner of your picture smirking and pointing at your camera. It may be hard, but try to blend in with the street scene to avoid people noticing and possibly ruining the shot.

Travel Photography: 6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures Abroad

Having a discrete, small camera and lenses will be helpful. Photographers have had to blindly shoot from the hip in certain circumstances. But this can be tricky, especially, if you’re not a professional. It requires some level of practice and expertise.

6. Buy a Travel Tripod and Take Your Camera Everywhere

The words lightweight and compact aren’t usually associated with tripods. But if you intend to shoot night skies or long exposure landscapes, you’ll require a tripod. Travel tripods are a good idea if you consider travel practicalities and photographic compromise.

Travel Photography: 6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures Abroad

Busy crowds of tourists can ruin a beautiful shot and that’s when you need a tripod. In situations such as that, you can use a neutral, density filter and a long exposure to blur the crowds. In some images, the crowds may even become unnoticeable.

While traveling, you never know when an unexpected photographic opportunity will present itself. Thus, remember to always have your camera with you. Many of the best travel shots are found in unplanned, unpredictable, one-in-a-million moments.

Final Take Away

Travel photography can seem like hard work, but it can be fun and rewarding. Keep in mind the tips mentioned here the next time you’re on vacation. And you’ll be guaranteed to capture some amazing images.