Regardless of whether it is your wedding or Christmas among many other celebrations, we always find ourselves making excuses for giving and receiving gifts. When it comes to our loved ones, we always have an idea of the types of gifts they would appreciate whole-heartedly. There are some who would love tickets to a baseball game whereas there are others who would find such a gift to be absurd due to their lack of interest in the sport.

Likewise, for friends and family who like traveling, there are some gifts which would auger better with them as compared to others. As much as getting a catchy gift tailored for traveling junkies could sound like an uphill task, it gets easier by incorporating a framework that you can use to veer your way around it all. Lucky for you, this article has expounded on some of the unique gifts for a traveler that you can never go wrong with.

Unique Gifts for Travelers

Scratch Map

A significant percentage of travelers have at one point placed pins on a global map in a bid to indicate the places that they have visited. With this in mind, you can be the bearer of unique gifts to your loved ones by getting them something better. This is the gift of a scratch map which is made of a layer of gold foil that allows you to pull off once you have visited a place. Mind-blowing, right? You can help your friends and family to craft their own pieces of art by mounting a scratch map in their houses that tell the stories of their numerous travels.

7 Dreamy Travel Gifts for Anyone

Magnetic Globes

A globe is one of the most thoughtful gifts for travelers as it provides a platform for a person to boast of their travel conquests in 3D form. This gift comes with around 40 pins that have been molded out of magnetic material hence allowing them to stick on the areas that they have been placed on the globe.

7 Dreamy Travel Gifts for Anyone

Camp Stove

A camp stove is one of the most significant gifts that you can get people who like to travel the world. This is because it works efficiently on a number of different types of fuels hence alleviating the need for you to go looking for white gas in distant places. You will come to appreciate it as one of the most unique gifts once you run it on regular gas from a local petrol station and get the job done with equal efficiency. All you have to do is caution the person you`ll give that he/she should always ensure that it gets thorough cleaning after use. In addition to this, the camp stove is quite light hence making it easily portable.

7 Dreamy Travel Gifts for Anyone


Headlamps are among the most crucial family gift ideas for relatives that you know are scheduled to travel. This is because it will come in handy in myriads of scenarios. From lighting their path when hiking, to assisting in navigation when there is a power shortage, there`s no limitation to the utility of a headlamp. What`s more is that with the evolution of technology, it is possible to get a headlamp that can get recharged by the use of a USB cable. How cool is that?

7 Dreamy Travel Gifts for Anyone


Steripens are unique gifts that should never miss in your gift guide especially when you`re planning to gift a person going to travel in the countryside. They are the best gifts for travelers because they can assist in making clean water available at all times. The steripen has been crafted to emit powerful UV light that helps in the sterilization of water put into this device. This, in turn, can allow a person to fetch water from any source e.g. a pond or river and still have clean water for cooking or drinking.

7 Dreamy Travel Gifts for Anyone

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Regardless of the fact that your friends or family will be staying in five-star hotels during their travel, it is vital for them to have their own towels. This is because they might head out for adventures which will require the assistance of a towel during such excursions. Carrying a hotel towel will be an almost impossible task, hence making the travel towel you get them to play a similar role as an indispensable, best mechanics tool set.

7 Dreamy Travel Gifts for Anyone

Solar Powered Power Bank

This is one of the most useful gifts that any traveler could wish for in this present age. Many are the times where you are on a journey and your phone dies off, hence rendering you stranded especially if you were to use your phone to find a contact in your travel destination. With a solar-powered bank in place, you can use it as one of the cool car gifts that can ensure that your phone is charged during your journey.

7 Dreamy Travel Gifts for Anyone


Getting unique gifts for your loved ones is one of the most important demonstrations of affection that you can show them. From car travel gift basket ideas to utility tools e.g. a steripen, the article above has shed light on some of the most important unique gifts that should be on your gift-list for travelers. We hope that this article has been beneficial to you and that you will make a better-informed decision next time you get your friends and family a travel gift.

Are there any other unique gifts for travelers that you know about? Please share with us by commenting below.

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