Do you find yourself fashion-conscious, focusing on your style more than on other things, and thinking about looks way more than an average person? Welcome to the club! Depending on the country and city you’re living in, there could be plenty of fashionistas around you, or there could be none. However, one thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that Barcelona practically speaks “fashion”.

Comfy isn’t trendy

Whether you were lucky enough to pay visit to this beautiful country or if you’ve seen some Spanish soap operas or movies, you could’ve easily seen that people over there always look on point. It’s not about the occasion, it’s about the fashion. Perhaps you’re used to going to the local store wearing sweatpants, but that’s not something their locals would ever do. Leaving the house? Better make yourself look better than ever – that’s what their motto would sound like.

The Ultimate Fashionista’s Guide to Barcelona

Catalonia’s history

Catalans didn’t start dressing up nice a couple of decades ago. That’s something they’ve been carrying over from the 19th century when there were many textile factories all around the Catalonia. Aside from that, you can easily google artist’s names such as Gaudi or Picasso and you’ll find out that they both left a huge impact on these cities. They loved Catalonia, and they made sure to help develop the Catalan culture that we all know and love today.

The Ultimate Fashionista’s Guide to Barcelona

Everyone is hypnotized

Did Barcelona somehow hypnotize the entire world or is it just that people have realized how much sense of style Barcelona’s art has? No matter which part of the world you pay visit to, you’re guaranteed to recognize the influence Catalonia has on them. Mango and Desigual are just some of the most famous brands coming straight from the Spain, and we know for sure that there are people everywhere who love these brands. It took decades to charm the world, but past half a decade was really important for Barcelona’s fashion and overall popularity.

The Ultimate Fashionista’s Guide to Barcelona

Fashion education

Since Barcelona is all about the fashion, it should have proper education in that field, right? Indeed, the finest example of this is IED Barcelona’s new bachelor program in fashion design , which turns students into experts who have mastered both cultural and technical knowledge. Whoever graduates from this course is guaranteed to be creative and innovative professional who’s able to create their own brand or work for other companies. In order to back up this university’s trustworthiness, some of the companies that its students are working in are Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Cortana, Lupo, Mango and many more.

The Ultimate Fashionista’s Guide to Barcelona

TV shows

As if it wasn’t enough that Catalans dominate any styling, they had to host TV fashion shows as well. One of those shows was The Brandery which didn’t last too long but it managed to gather some of the finest designers from around the world in order to show young ones’ products.  Another one was the 080 Barcelona Fashion show and this one was the real deal. It was much larger and the runways were definitely something else. World experts such as Manolo Blahnik held presentations, and let’s not forget the pop-up stores which were open to the public. 080 Barcelona Fashion is still alive and in 2016 it was lucky enough to have BCN Brand, ANTONIO MIRO, Custo Barcelona, and 36 other brands. This kind of success and popularity really speak about entire area’s fashion style and culture, and the public can only hope that they remain one of the main guys when it comes to style.

The Ultimate Fashionista’s Guide to Barcelona

Who are the influencers?

Thanks to both local and foreign influencers, Barcelona’s fashion scene now has certain level of popularity. Influencer phenomenon is talking about the influence that social media influencers have on local market in Spain and in general, and that’s definitely one of the reasons why Spain and Barcelona in particular got so much attention. Popular bloggers and Instagram users have been interviewing Spanish designers, reviewing Spanish fashion and even giving advice on what clothes to pick from a wardrobe full of Spanish brands.

The Ultimate Fashionista’s Guide to Barcelona

Maybe Barcelona is not a place where the fashion was created for the first time but it sure does represent a place where a specific fashion era began. Many trends that were started in Spain have spread amongst many countries so now we’re dealing with a serious fashion influence. As long as their brands are so popular and magnificent, we don’t mind the influence.