It is not a secret to anyone that sometimes life can get so boring that you just want to get up, pack your things and run far away from the routine that tries to chase you. However, a lot of people have guts to do so; the main problem stays the same – where to go?

Each of us, at least once in a lifetime, wanted to travel alone and just soak up the amazing atmosphere around. Many tourists say that the best place to travel on your own is Scandinavian countries. Based on this statement, here is the list of Scandinavian countries to catch attention:

  • Sweden;
  • Norway;
  • Finland;
  • Denmark;
  • Iceland;
  • Greenland.

7 places of Scandinavian that Amaze the Imagination

These countries have a lot of in common. They are very peaceful, have an extremely beautiful and virgin nature, that hasn’t been touched by humans and people say that Scandinavian people are the friendliest people. Basically, these courtiers are the perfect place not only for travelling, but for living as well. Although, there is a stereotype that Scandinavian courtiers are pretty expensive, the Guardian magazine ruins it!

7 places of Scandinavian that Amaze the Imagination

All in all, if you are ready to visit Scandinavia, here are 7 the most amazing and inspiring places a person travelling alone must see and experience.

Øresund bridge (Denmark)

The Øresund Bridge is the biggest proud of Denmark. This 16km railway and motorway bridge links Denmark and Sweden and is the longest combined road in Europe. At first, you may not understand why it is so unique. The Øresund Bridge is not only a marvelous wide bridge that gives you opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the Øresund Bay, it is also an underground Drogden Tunnel that brings you right in the inside of this Øresund Bay. While riding a car, you are diving in the underwater world. You see how the water waves meet the glass of the tunnel. The experience is unforgettable.

7 places of Scandinavian that Amaze the Imagination

Geirangerfjord (Norway)

The Geiranger Fjord is the most visited place in Norway (according to Wikipedia). It cannot leave anyone unimpressed. Being not only a UNESCO world heritage site, it is also a host to the most magnificent waterfalls in the world, such as Seven Sister Falls, The Bridal Veil and The Suitor. This fjord is also surrounded by the steepest mountains of the west coast and is fairly called “the uninhabited area”. It is impossible to describe the pace which can leave millions of tourists speechless.

7 places of Scandinavian that Amaze the Imagination

Abisko National Park (Sweden)

For those, who want to discover the whole beauty of the Northern countries Abisco National Park in Sweden is a must see place. Having a variety of rare northern animals, such as lemmings, wolverine, polar owl and lots of others, Abisco attracts visitors with the Northern Lights. Especially stunning it looks above the frozen lake Torneträsk, which can be in this state for nearly half a year.

7 places of Scandinavian that Amaze the Imagination

Santa Claus Village (Finland)

Being in Finland means visiting Santa Claus Village. This place proves one more time that this favorite kids’ character really exists. Dive in the world of magic and unstoppable holiday, meet Santa Claus himself and get to know how everything in his magic factory works. Santa Claus village is a dream place to visit not only for children, many adults are happy to go there as well! In 1950, even Eleanor Roosevelt once visited Lapland. As you can see, this village is recommended to visit while travelling through Scandinavian outdoor sightseeing.

7 places of Scandinavian that Amaze the Imagination

Askja (Iceland)

Askja is the most unusual place to visit for the modern person. This active volcano doesn’t attract many tourists, though it is extremely beautiful. After its explosion in 1875, two lakes Öskjuvatn and Viti appeared which has made Askja the classic representation of the volcano. Perhaps, mystic story about lost German scientists in 1907 frights away visitors, if you are the brave ones you shall undoubtedly visit it.

7 places of Scandinavian that Amaze the Imagination

Diskobugten (Greenland)

Diskobugten (also Disco Bay) is the most remarkable place in Greenland. However, it is only a bay, tourists say that it leaves a huge memory of itself deep inside in your head. Depends of the weather this place rapidly changes. When the sun is gone, the place brings you up in the sky and you see soft white clouds around, which reminds the atmosphere of peace and silence. The most beautiful scene appears when the sun reflects from the water, though. The bay and the sky start to burn and everything covers with red and blue. The whole picture of it dazzles your eyes and leaves the experience which cannot be repeated by anything else.

7 places of Scandinavian that Amaze the Imagination

Galdhøpiggen (Norway)

If there are still not enough impressions for you, the last place to go is Galdhøpiggen mountain. The highest mountain in Northern Europe will definitely fully satisfy you with its panorama from the top. The hike is not challenging at all and takes nearly 3 hours in a good summer day. Tourists say that the view from the mountain is breathtaking and is totally worthy all the force that has been given while hiking.

Those places totally transmit the whole spirit of Scandinavia and give the chance to experience truly untouched nature with all its benefits. Any custom essay writer would love to travel here for inspiration. However, these countries are considered to visit in winter only, travelling there in summer or spring will bring you the same joy or even more. Pack your thing and book next flight, Scandinavia is calling you!

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