People usually use their backyard when the weather is warm and sunny, but today there are a lot of solutions to have a wonderful outdoor space all year long. Your backyard can even be divided into segments, if you have big enough space for it, giving you so the various opportunities to use it and landscape it at your will. And the best thing about it all is that there are some things you can turn into your own DIY project and include the whole family. But before you start landscaping your backyard, check out these ideas for inspiration and to get you started.

Playground for children

One of the advantages of having a backyard is that you can use it to entertain your children and their friends. It really gives you a myriad of possibilities, from birthday parties to just hosting a fun day. Besides the puppet theatre or polyvinyl swimming pool, you can also place an inflatable jumping castle which will surely become very popular. This way, your children and their friends can spend time playing in your backyard and still have fun.

8 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Romantic fireplace

Although it’s a general belief that fireplaces belong indoors, this year’s trend promotes natural and rustic décors. This is great news for all who want to create romantic and vintage outdoor area. You can build a brick or stone fireplace and place a couple of bamboo chairs in front of it with comfortable upholstery. Besides this romantic suggestion, you can also place a sofa or two and enjoy spending time with your friends in comfortable conversation.

8 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Build a kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are excellent solutions if you like to throw parties with food and beverages for more than dozen people. You can install a stove, oven and barbecue, as well as an outdoor fridge and bar area. And protect all of it with roofing and partly build brick walls. This will be an excellent life saviour in hot summer days and nights when you want to avoid cooking in the house because of the smells and heat.

8 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Small orchard

It’s not unheard of for people to have ain their backyard, even if they live in the city. Some avocado, lemon and orange trees can give charm and beautify the place, not to mention the fruits and citrusy smells. You can also try figs, peaches, apples and plums since they all are very convenient to grow even if you’re inexperienced and also the trees vary in height and size, so you can always choose the ones appropriate for your backyard. Also, consider cherry trees since they smell wonderful and produce beautiful flowers.

8 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Classy seating area

The class is not reserved only for indoor space. Stone tiles as flooring and wooden seating set will give elegant character to your outdoor dining area. Patterned upholstery in red or orange colours will look wonderfully combined with warm brown shades of wood. Complete all that with the massive table under the canopy and you’ll create stylish seating area worthy of royalty.

8 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Relaxing garden

Sometimes all you need is to step outside and take a walk in your backyard to clear your head and gather your thoughts. If that’s the case, then consider creating a relaxing and Zen garden in your backyard. You can ask for advice experienced landscape designers like Musalandscapearchitecture or you can try building it yourself, as a DIY project. Fountain, small pond, sand garden or Japanese pagoda are all some parts you can include in your relaxing garden, along with colourful flowers and paved walkways.

8 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Outdoor gym

The gym is something that needs space not only for the equipment but also for you to place a mat and do some moves. So instead of cramming it all inside, build an outdoor space for your healthy habit. This can give you enough space not only for fitness but also to practice yoga and pilates as well. And if you don’t intend to save money, then build a shower or a steam bath for a complete feel.

8 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Movie theatre

If you like hosting movie nights, consider building your own theatre right in your backyard. The options range from simple ones like stretching some linen between the trees to those more realistic solutions like building the actual screen. Whatever you decide, it sure will be quite an event in your neighbourhood and will surely guarantee some fun times with your loved ones.

8 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

All in all

You can choose one purpose for your backyard, or you can combine as many as can fit. The most important thing is to use that space to create something which will be more than welcomed addition to your house and popular area to spend time with your family and friends.