Changing a place of living, whether it is a change of home, or a street, or town, or a country, is quite troublesome process, though these troubles can be of a very pleasant kind if you’ll find the right approach and take a general look on that see of different details that must be set up before the actual move, so our team of movers in SF wrote tips below for your free stress move.

If you definitely made up your mind on changing of your location, we’re greatly happy to support you in this case by providing some simple and clearly structured steps to follow in order to make the whole process as smooth and timeous as possible. So let’s go with a countdown and point out the things you shal pay your attention to:

8 weeks before the move

First of all here you better start planning your budget because such things as transportation companies will require your coin. This is also a time for making a file you’ll be putting all your “moving” notes like business cards, addresses, price lists, packing plans etc. Two months before the leave is also an optimal time for supervision of the new place of living and search for the new community.

And so You Decided to Move

7 weeks before move

That’s the time for you to connect with your family doctor, insurance agent, school representative, whatever organisation you appear to be a member of and whether find another location of the establishment you’re dealing with or (which is nor likely for all the mentioned points) to find another ones to transfer your attendance.

6 weeks before move

Here is the time for you to pay attention to the house and its contents: start using things that can or shall not be moved, like foods, for instance – empty all the savings of your freezer. Also a garage sale would be an amazing idea – just pick out things you don’t use anymore and sell or give them away. That will not only free some space and save the effort during transportation, but may also bring you some money! This is also a time for you to plan how you are going to move big things like furniture and in what order this is going to happen.

5 weeks before move

Okay, so that’s the time for details like buying boxes and moving supplies, confirming the move date and connecting to the post office so your mail to be transferred to the new place of living.

And so You Decided to Move

4 weeks before move

One month before the leave – the right time to inform facility services (like water, light, gas providers etc) about your life rearrangements. You shall also take care about the documents for your pet transportation.

3 weeks before move

Time to take care about your plants. You shall also check Do Not Ship List in order to be prepared to what shall and can be transferred. Take care of your car documents and moving plans as well.

And so You Decided to Move

2 weeks before move

Notify professional and account services, so as governmental offices about your move. It is also a time to confirm all the arrangements (like travel ones) and obtain all the required permits

1 weeks before move

The time to get your head maximally clean and verify whether all the arrangements are set up. Check on everything, get your family included in the process if needed. You’ve had all these weeks to prepare yourself now’s the main thing to do is to make it happen!