Australia is a great place for a destination wedding seeing as how it offers so many unique locations and it has very relaxed rules when it comes to where marriage ceremonies can be performed. However, despite all these great benefits, you still have to put in a lot of time to plan the wedding of your dreams. To help you out, we’ve collected the most important tips for having the perfect wedding in the Land Down Under. Take a look.

Decide on the venue

As we said earlier, Australia provides you with many options when it comes to the location. First, you need to decide whether you want a ceremony in the city, on the beach or in the countryside. Then, start looking online to see which of the venues matches your criteria and catches your eye. What’s important here is to act on time. It’s not uncommon for these places to be booked well in advance. You might have to wait for a couple of months or even a year to get a spot. This is why you should have a few alternatives and discuss how important the timing is. Pro-tip: Make sure the venue offers decorations and approve it beforehand as that will save you a lot of work.

Australia: Tips for Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Choose the right time

Just like finding the right venue is important, you also need to consider the right season. First of all, if you’re dead-set on a location, you might be willing to accept any time of year. However, keep in mind that October, November and March are the most popular months to get married in Australia, seeing as how the weather is perfect. Winter weddings in June and July are very rare. Moreover, Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular days for getting married, so it might be easier to book a great location on a workday.

Australia: Tips for Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Find a local photographer

Even though you are sure to remember this day for the rest of your life, you should still have some quality snaps from the ceremony. If you decide on a location in NSW, look for the best wedding photographer in Sydney who knows all the gorgeous spots where you can take amazing wedding pics. Plus, instruct them to mingle and take a lot of candid photos of everyone at the ceremony. What is more, hiring a local expert means that you don’t have to pay for airplane tickets and accommodation for a photographer from your country.

Australia: Tips for Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Book quality catering

Seeing as how you’re hiring someone over the phone or online, you don’t really have a chance to try out their food (unless they offer international delivery). This is why you need to do a lot of research and see which caterers have the best reviews. Check their offer and the variety they provide, especially if you or your guests have any special dietary restrictions or preferences.

Australia: Tips for Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Other considerations

Before you start any planning, make sure to check the rules of the state you wish to get married in and see if you need any licenses and permits. Then, also look for a celebrant you will click with. Ensure they understand your needs and are accustomed to your style. When it comes to the reception, you will probably want some entertainment, so decide whether you want a DJ, a band, or something else. Last but not least, you should organize transportation to and from the venue to make sure none of the guests gets lost.

Australia: Tips for Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Planning any wedding is stressful but a destination wedding can bring along more uncertainties and panic. So, make sure to start planning on time and take the above-mentioned tips into consideration in order to have the perfect wedding you will remember forever.