So you have already chosen the location for your next international getaway, but you have started to think about the expenses involved, and concluded your budget is rather limited this time around. Canceling on a trip due to financial inconveniences is certainly not a pleasant prospect, so instead, you should come up with ways of keeping the vacation most to a minimum, while still enjoying your long awaited adventure. Traveling internationally doesn’t have to involve spending a fortune, at least if you handle your budgeting accordingly. There are a few tips you should know on the subject, which will allow you to keep your expenses in check, without having to compromise on how much you end up enjoying the overall experience. Here’s what you need to know:

Buying plane tickets – be flexible with departure dates

Although you might already have in mind a certain date when you would prefer leaving for your vacation, it’s important to be at least a bit flexible regarding your holiday period. Even a single day can make a big difference in terms of plane ticket prices. Plane tickets are ones of the most expensive costs an international trip involves, so you should handle flight booking with sufficient time in advance, in order to access some discounts. Choosing a different departure date, or a different airport, might lower your expenses in this department tremendously. So, do your research by the book, check various dates and hours, and think about making a small compromise if necessary, to manage saving some money.

Budgeting your Next International Vacation - Your Must-Knows

Seeking affordable accommodation – Airbnb over hotels

Throughout the majority of your international expeditions, you have probably chosen to say at a hotel, this being usually a top choice for tourists. However, regardless of location, booking a hotel room for an entire vacation can be quite expensive. Why spend all that money on accommodation, when you can easily resort to a much more affordable alternative? Nowadays, through Airbnb, people are renting out their houses, studios or apartments at appealing rates. You can enjoy a luxurious “temporary home” during your vacation with even less than half than you would normally have to pay for a hotel room. What’s great about Airbnb is that there are so many options available, so you can select a type of accommodation that suits your needs and requirements best, whether you have specific preferences regarding location, nearby amenities or interior comfort. If you haven’t stayed and an Airbnb until now, you might be thinking about safety, after all, these are random people renting out their homes. Well, for your own peace of mind, you can easily do a quick research on the said person in just a few minutes. Nowadays, you have access to all the information you need on a certain individual, such as potential criminal records, social media accounts or even dating profiles just by utilizing a lookup website or application. Use a people search feature before your departure, find out everything you need to know about your temporary landlord, and you won’t longer deal with safety concerns.

Budgeting your Next International Vacation - Your Must-Knows

Set a daily spending limit

It’s important to know exactly how much money you can afford spending throughout each day of your trip, in order to not leave broke, nor spend the last few days of your trip with only pocket change. Think about the activities you will be pursuing daily (what attractions you will be visiting, entrance tickets, meals and other small costs), and set a daily spending limit you should not exceed. While on holiday, you can easily end up wasting money on a wide range of unnecessary things, starting from souvenirs (which are extremely expensive! A few photographs will be the only souvenirs you need), and up to taxi fares. With a pre-determined daily budget in mind, it will be easier to not exceed the amount you have planned to stick to this holiday.

Budgeting your Next International Vacation - Your Must-Knows

Stop spending a fortune on food!

It’s normal for you to want to taste some delicious meals while traveling, after all, discovering new cuisine is part of any great travel experience. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend a lot of money on your meals, money you could use in other more trip savvy ways. In order to stop wasting too much money on food, what you can do is avoid eating each one of your meals at restaurant. If you have a said popular restaurant in mind already, you can limit yourself to one or two meals there, and the rest of the time, direct your attention towards food trucks and other street food options instead. In certain places around the world, street food can be extremely delicious, and you will be spending so much less money. You can also go on TripAdvisor and check the most affordable places to dine that still offer great meal choices.

Budgeting your Next International Vacation - Your Must-Knows

Getting around – affordable transportation

Taxi rides are certainly a no when it comes to a budget-friendly trip. Taxi fees are usually extremely expensive regardless of location, so you should avoid this option from the start. Public means of transportation, such as subways, or buses might be a better alternative, but in some locations around the world they may not be as convenient as you desire, and could actually turn out to be a bit pricier than expected. Usually, the most budget-friendly choice is a car rental. The right car rental offer will allow you to easily get around and also not spend more money than necessary.

Budgeting your Next International Vacation - Your Must-Knows

When money is a bit tight, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your love for travelling, it just means you need to be a little bit more careful with your vacation budget. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you will manage seeing your favorite paces without having to worry you have exceeded your financial possibilities. From giving up on that luxurious hotel room and staying at an Airbnb instead to replacing your restaurant meals with street food alternatives, there are many great ways to budget an international trip and thus manage not coming home broke after just one vacation. Keep these in mind, and you will see for yourself how great things can actually turn out.