Why it’s Important to Buy your Catering Equipment from a Trusted Catering Supplier

No matter how skilled chefs and waitstaff are, their catering equipment and supplies make the difference between a successful affair and one that may leave guests with a bad taste in their mouths. It is very important to buy catering equipment from a trusted catering supplier to ensure that success.

When researching suppliers, a three-prong approach should be used. Evaluating food storage equipment, cooking equipment and catering crockery are all are a vital part of the process. It is critical that the chosen supplier can provide equipment that is in good working order and is delivered on time. Having a reliable contact person is equally important should any problems occur.

Why it’s Important to Buy your Catering Equipment from a Trusted Catering Supplier

The best place to begin is with online feedback from previous customers. These folks will note whether supplies like knives and chopping boards are in poor condition or if the catering crockery is worn out or doesn’t match.

Why it’s Important to Buy your Catering Equipment from a Trusted Catering Supplier

Whether catering a large or small party, on or off site, a lot of equipment is involved. Reputable suppliers will have the following equipment available:

  • Table Settings – all types of plates, bowls, glasses, cups, silverware, linens, centrepieces, salt and pepper shakers, butter dishes.
  • Serving Equipment – trays, bus tubs, water pitchers.
  • Buffet Equipment – silverware rolls, bread baskets, chafing dishes and fuel cells, lighters, serving utensils, cutting boards, rags, seasonal decorations.
  • Beverage Supplies – Air pots for coffee, decaf and hot water, assorted teas and cocoa, sugar and creamer packets, iced tubs for cold drinks, cups and glasses, assorted straws, stirrers and napkins, waste baskets.
  • Wrapping it Up – Insulated and disposable containers, plastic wrap and aluminium foil, garbage bags, hand sanitiser.

There are also a number of products available that have been modernised to meet the needs of the home caterer. Check catering supplier websites for items such as induction cookers, double-contact grills, roller grills, oven-to-tableware, drink dispensers, lever action flasks, bar carts and folding chairs.

Most home-based catering businesses do not have the room to store all the necessary equipment or excess inventory and furnishings. Look for a catering supplier who will rent out storage devices. This will make it much easier to transport everything needed to the event’s location.

Why it’s Important to Buy your Catering Equipment from a Trusted Catering Supplier

While quality and variety of catering equipment and supplies is the number one priority, cost effectiveness is also important. Check to see if the catering supplier offers any plastic/polycarbonate equipment. Use of this versatile, durable product is an ideal way to reduce costs. Look for the availability of the following brands of plastic/polycarbonate supplies such as Dinex, Harfield, Melamine, Huntington and Alibi.

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Why it’s Important to Buy your Catering Equipment from a Trusted Catering Supplier

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