Spend this Christmas Abroad. Do something different then other years. Go and celebrate the New Year’s Eve on a beach. Travel Europe for this awesome holidays. Meet new places, discover other cultures, celebrate the way other people do far away from home. Isn’t this tempting? Does it evokes feelings that you must try something different? Well maybe it will meet your expectations, maybe it will not, but ain’t worth a try?

So if you would like to have a hot and sunny Christmas this year, you can go in Goa, India. The carnivals there are the way people celebrate this time of the year. The beach parties in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil is just another place where you can go. Or you can go to South Africa and visit the incredible Cape Town, visit Grenada in the Caribbean or take a photo with the half naked Santa Claus on the beaches in Australia. If you go there you must not take the coats and all the winter clothes with you. Prepare your awesome Christmas swimsuits and prepare for a new experience.

The best thing you can do while traveling abroad for Christmas or the New Year’s Eve is to explore new places, and visit local Markets during this period of the year. The prices are lowered so much and in every different city you can buy something to remember this unique celebration. It can be also good to bring some Christmas gifts back home. Everyone will be glad and happy you remembered them.

Spend this Christmas Abroad and Be Somewhere Else for New Year's Eve

For this awesome infographic we must credit SunSearchHolidays.ie to share with us great ideas where and how we can spend this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.