As the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms of the house, it is expected that constant maintenance issues will occur. This goes for all bathroom amenities and accessories, particularly for showers since they are used on daily basis. It is no wonder that there is a growing interest in the subject. What follows is a list of common shower issues that you are bound to face one time or another and proven ways of fixing them.


Shower drain clogs are a very frequent issue. The usual cause is hair, soap and dirt or items that accidentally ended up in the drain, which happens often if you have small children. There are different ways of dealing with shower drain clogs and which one will be used primarily depends on the cause and drain architecture. In case of smaller clogs, where water still drains at a slow pace, various chemical means , as well as a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, proved to be very efficient. On the other hand, if the drain is completely clogged, using a plumber snake would be the only possible solution.

Common Shower Issues and How to Fix Them

Inadequate pressure

Another frequently occurring problem is an inadequate water pressure. It is manifested by a slow water flow and a weak water spray. If you have a problem with hot water pressure, the usual cause is mineral deposits, especially if you live in an area with hard water. This handy trick will solve the issue. Another frequently problematic spot is a shower head. Luckily, cleaning out the aerator inside it usually solves the problem. If not, replace the entire shower head. While doing it, make sure you thoroughly clean the threads of the shower pipe from the shower hose and remove any dirt or mineral deposit residue.

Common Shower Issues and How to Fix Them

Minor leaks

Yes, the leaks constantly occur and this is perfectly understandable. Any material wears down with time, especially if it is constantly in contact with water. In a recent conversation with Sydney-based experts for shower repairs  it was emphasized that the most important thing with leaks is to notice and fix them before they escalate into bigger issues. If the leaks occur in the bathroom, they are considered minor and the usual causes are either a faulty shower head or a cracked shower hose. Replacing them solves it.

Common Shower Issues and How to Fix Them

Major leaks

If a leak appears from the adjacent wall or underneath the shower, it is regarded as a major leak issue and demands a serious approach and immediate reaction in order to prevent a bigger damage. There is a high likelihood that the problem is in the fact that caulking is no longer keeping the water from going through the shower tiles. If everything is OK with the caulking, the problem could be the shower pan or the lining under the shower floor. Check the shower pan and the lining for cracks. Also, inspect the shower tiles, as well. They tend to get worn down over the years. Naturally, fixing the cracks and replacing the faulty elements will solve the issue.

Common Shower Issues and How to Fix Them

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When all is considered, the best approach to dealing with shower issues is regular maintenance, that is, fast identification of a problem and fixing it without delay. That is the only way of preventing bigger damage and certainly the most efficient and budget friendly way of solving any occurring issues.