Homeowners often go want renovations of their home for different reasons. Perhaps they want an upgrade on the older look or want the latest offers available in the maker. Some do it just because they are plain bored with the old look while others do it to raise the home value in the real estate. Whatever the reason, the two major areas they aim for are the kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations for The Housing Markets:

Renovating or remodelling the kitchen or bath can certainly increase the resale value of the property. Even, minor kitchen remodels provide returns of more than 100 percent. One can spend thousands on the basement or the fence, and those will hardly get noticed by the buyer. However, even slight kitchen and bathroom renovations catch the eye and get noticed. Kitchen is where the family bonds together when cooking while bathrooms offer us privacy with our bodies.

Comparison on Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen or Bathroom Renovations for The New Look

Some ties, one has to decide between the two and which to go for, bathroom or kitchen or both. One may even have to decide as to which should be remodelled first. Well, a lot relies on several factors that surround on. Perhaps a sale is looming, or you are expecting an unexpected windfall that can dent your wallet. Majority of real estate professionals consider that kitchens are the focal point of any house.

Comparison on Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

The decision-making process also relies on which is faster to get done and which is cheaper. Typically, kitchens are slightly more expensive to remodel when compared to bathrooms. However, bathroom renovations are more disruptive than kitchens. When the kitchen is getting remodelled, you can still have other options like fast-food, delivery and microwaves. You may have to rely on the other bathroom in your house or call for a portable toilet. Kitchens take a longer time for renovation, and one can expect a minimum of a month or more.

What to Expect in Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations?

Before you start work on the Kitchen and bathroom, it is essential to make good comparisons to what to expect during the Kitchen and bathroom renovations. You need to plan beforehand so that your needs, time and budget fall in place with each other.

  • Kitchen Renovations:
    The cabinets and counters may be replaced, a backsplash installed along with new flooring; new sink and new electrical work for the new appliances. Plumbing changes are limited, and one can expect some work like adding a water line for the refrigerator. It is assumed that you will replace just the general lighting or adding some more lighting in the kitchen.
  • Bathroom Renovations:
    The counters and cabinets may be replaced or refaced along with new flooring for the bathroom. Accessories and shower unit may need replacement. The plumbing work is minimal in bathrooms, and it is easy to replace a toilet or a faucet. The electrical work is limited to replacing outlets and replacing the bathroom fan unless you are stripping down and completely re-wiring. One can go for tile or vinyl flooring in their bathrooms as they are high-moisture spaces.

Comparison on Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Keep in mind that Kitchen and bathroom renovations are not going to be a simple task. One is likely to get overwhelmed when they look at the process, the time and the finances involved. Get in touch with multiple contractors and kitchen and bath designers and discuss every aspect with them and all the large and small details.