We all love a hint of adventure in our lives. So we go out and investigate the unexplored to curb our cravings. Many of us are constantly prepared for a decent adventure, and there are a few roads around the globe which amp up the entire adventurous feeling thoroughly. While some of these roads are intensely trotted upon, others are remote, winding, and restricted. Whatever the case might be, however, the most perilous and dangerous drives in the world will probably convince you that ditching your car and walking instead, is good at times!

While you are lazily browsing through the various Chandigarh to Srinagar flights (and missing on some wonderful vistas which you could have encountered by means of roadways), there are some adventurers, as well as common commuters who are struggling, or maybe even enjoying the following drives through the world’s most dangerous roads. Wish to explore?

Highway 1, Afghanistan

This slender, winding road climbs 600 meters through the Kabul gorge and is flanked by a poor framework in terms of infrastructure. Police checkpoints are dotted along the street, and constant patrolling is ensured throughout the day to secure segments of the expressway when NATO guards pass. Roadside bombs, ambushes, mortars, mini arms fire, and an extreme weather make Highway 1 the most dangerous roads to drive through in the world. Think twice before heading here!

The Deadliest Drives in the World

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a high-rise road between Chengdu and Tibet where avalanches and rocky torrential slides are pretty much a common affair, is without a doubt pretty scary if you are setting off on a road trip through this pass. It is a road with a record of more than 7,500 deaths and is undoubtedly the most dreadful route to pass through for any driver. Because of the rock tumbling, torrential slides, and a bad weather constantly, drivers ought to unquestionably utilize hazards here.

Skipper Canyon Road, New Zealand

This slender and winding road really requires a unique permission to drive through it. In the event that you do figure out how to get consent however, be prepared for an elusive test and we really wish you good fortunes on the off chance that you encounter somebody else coming from the other side. This is seriously one breathtaking and an adventurous drive.

The Deadliest Drives in the World

By YSander (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Yungas Road, Bolivia

The road is subject to extreme mist and continuous avalanches, and if that wasn’t sufficient, there are no guardrails shielding drivers from precipices that dive straight down. Fittingly, local people call this twisty, 40 mile stretch from the capital of La Paz to the town of Coroico in the Yungas wilderness as the “Death Road,” and the number of remembrances and crosses dotted along the conduit make it look like more of a burial ground than a thoroughfare.

The Deadliest Drives in the World

The Zoji Pass, Ladakh, India

Zoji La is a high mountain pass in India, situated on the Indian National Highway 1D between Srinagar and Leh. The pass facilitates a crucial connection between Ladakh and Kashmir. It runs at a height of around 3,528 meters and is the second most astounding pass after Fotu La. If you go in winter, you won’t be able to experience this killer driver since the Zoji Pass is closed during winter. It better be!

The Deadliest Drives in the World

By Kondephy (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Loving the whole concept of walking? Of course, after reading through this list, and for those who have already experienced the dreadful drives, anyone would opt to walk safely through these passes. In fact, better if you avoid taking up these routes, especially if you have a faint heart. Good luck and safe travels!