With the holiday season on and approaching its peak, it’s a shame to stay at home or settle for a conventional seaside vacation and risk to miss some mean summer fun. If you haven’t booked your summer deal yet, it’s still not too late to start planning a vacation in style that fits your bill and vacationing preferences best. Have no idea where to go looking for holiday inspiration? Don’t worry – with these simple, affordable and incredibly entertaining summer deals, you will definitely top up your batteries to the max, stay within your budget and have a blast.

Learn a new trick: Go surfing off the Australian coast

If you never tried surfing, perhaps this is the perfect moment to grab a board and hit the waves off the Australian coast. With lots of surfing courses, schools and surfboard rentals along the Aussie shore, you will certainly find a place to hop on a giant wave and start carving. The world’s most popular surfing region, Western Australia is the best place to go hunting for monster waves. For a one-off surfing experience, try Jake’s Point in Kalbarri, The Bluff in Geraldton or Yardie Creek in the vicinity of Exmouth.

Go With The Flow: A Different Kind Of Vacation

Image by afu007 via Flickr

Backpacker’s paradise: A misty morning up in the mountains

For lovers of land-borne sports and recreation, backpacking may just be the best way to spend summer 2015. Before you and favorite hiking crowd decide on the destination and date of your trip, check the weather forecast and pick periods of sunny, warm weather. Though there are usually various hostels and inns on most popular backpacking routes, don’t rely on fate to serve you accommodation: pack your tent and camping gear just to stay on the safe side. An excellent way to have some fun while putting your muscles to work, backpacking is also very budget-friendly way to explore a new environment as you won’t be paying extra for accommodation and all-inclusive holiday packages.

Go With The Flow: A Different Kind Of Vacation

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Biking across unknown terrain: Pedaled fun for all ages

For a dash of pedal-powered fun during your holiday, pick a destination where you’ll be able to ride your trusty two-wheeled steed. If you’re traveling by car, fix your bike to the roof of the vehicle using some strong and reliable bike racks and simply take them off once you arrive to your holiday spot.  Cycling is one of the best ways to get acquainted with a new environment and explore the area without any extra parking fees or fuel costs – to say nothing of the sheer joy of feeling the wind blow through your hair and getting adequate exercise without excessive muscle strain.

Go With The Flow: A Different Kind Of Vacation

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The art of Zen: Holiday in a yoga retreat

Whether you’re an avid yogi or just a yoga enthusiast, a holiday in a yoga retreat will do you a great deal of good. Thanks to its numerous benefits for the mind and the body, a several days’ long yoga workshop will help you achieve better focus, peace of mind and fitness, so you should definitely consider a yoga-oriented vacation if you feel tired and bored of mainstream summer holidays.

Go With The Flow: A Different Kind Of Vacation

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Volunteer work: Help to those who need it most

If you want to do a little something that will count a lot on the larger scale, try spending your holiday volunteering for a good cause in an area where assistance is needed. In addition to engaging in activities that bring benefits to the local community, volunteer work is a great way to meet friendly, like minded people and learn new things about different cultures, traditions and national identities. There’s a number of places where your help will be highly appreciated, from disaster relief sites abroad to soup kitchens and shelters in your home area – so be a good Samaritan this summer and make your time and effort productive and useful. After all, there’s no better feeling in the world than helping those who need it most.

Go With The Flow: A Different Kind Of Vacation

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So, any exciting summer holiday ideas yet? Don’t hold back – once the summer’s over, you’ll be crying over wasted time, so go ahead and plan your alternative vacation ASAP (you’ll thank us for inspiration later).