It’s a common belief that the warmth of spring and summer are the be stand only time to get a replacement window installed, but in reality, there are many reasons why you may need an install replacement windows at any point of the year.

Winter installation: a better option than you think. It’s understandable for many home owners to balk at the thought of replacing windows or doors in the dead of winter, but you’d be surprised at how seamless the process can be.

Don’t Wait For Summer To Replace Your Windows

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Obviously, windows of different sizes and shapes have different installation requirements. While a simple side-slider may take up a mere fraction of your wall, a more formidable style, like a bay window, could take more effort to install. To the right window company with a dedicated team of custom installation specialists, it doesn’t matter what style you’re after — the work will be done efficiently and reliably.

Don’t Wait For Summer To Replace Your Windows

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Here are some steps that’ll let you know that your installer is doing the best job they can:

  • The installer will take every measure possible to keep the work area free of snow or mud — both of which would impact the installation. That will help guarantee a good seal.
  • The expert will make sure to seal the opening with durable plastic barriers from the floor to the ceiling, providing a work-area that won’t intrude while also helping keep the cold outside.
  • There won’t be more than one opening being worked on at a time, meaning there is a simple way to control the airflow and introduction of the cold into the home.

Don’t Wait For Summer To Replace Your Windows

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Winter can be a valuable time to install new windows as long as you hire a company with quality guarantees that exceed industry standards. Centennial Windows & Doors for example, have been in operation for over 30 years and offer an in-home consultation and two separate measurement sessions before any work begins.

Don’t Wait For Summer To Replace Your Windows

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Is Custom Installation Right for me?

A number of structural and energy issues are a dead giveaway that it might be time for replacement windows or doors:

Broken windows

It’s something homeowners universally dread: a broken window. No matter the cause, a broken window is an expense that is nothing but disruptive. This experience only gets worse if it happens in the winter, which means you need an immediate fix.

Don’t Wait For Summer To Replace Your Windows

Avoid the waiting list

Because the warmer months are so popular for replacement window installation, it can sometimes be difficult to book a timely consultation and an installation session. In the colder months, it’s much easier to get off of the waiting list.

Don’t Wait For Summer To Replace Your Windows

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Knock down those energy bills

It takes a lot of heat to keep a home comfortable in the bitter winter months — especially in Ontario, and having energy-efficient windows is a great way to combat that growing energy bill. By letting in more light and less cold (thanks to foam insulation), replacement windows keep the heat in and cold out.

Don’t Wait For Summer To Replace Your Windows

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It’s easy to believe that winter installation is less than desirable. But, while there may be some stigma against winter installations, some companies have dedicated procedures that make the process as simple and painless as possible!