South Mumbai and in particular Marine Drive, is the one place that will stick in your mind even after seeing the entire city. It epitomizes everything about Mumbai perfectly. There are the expensive, must have addresses with a view of the sea close by, and there are the masses who sit and watch the waves break dreaming how they plan to conquer the city. Marine Drive is a place for the people who have achieved everything in their lives and for those who have nothing in their pockets. Just like Mumbai itself. If you have never been there before, then here are the things that you must do:

Eat street food at Chowpatty Beach

The northern end of Marine Drive is one of the oldest seafronts of the city. You will find street food of a staggering variety over here from Mumbai favorites like the Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji to Guajarati, South Indian and Punjabi street food. Follow the crowd when you are here and you will not go wrong. Also, the food can be customized to your wishes, so if there is anything you want to avoid or want more of, ask. You will not hear a no.

Enjoy Marine Drive in Mumbai, India

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Enjoy Marine Drive in Mumbai, India

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Take in the sunset

Marine Drive is also called as the Queen’s Necklace. This stretch of 3 km road resembles a string of pearls hugging someone’s neck at night and is truly spectacular to behold. You will have to be at an elevation to completely take in the view though. Even if you are on ground level then head over to the beach and make sure you stay for the sunset. A calm descends on the entire area as the sun begins to set and disappear over the horizon. It is remarkable to find solitude while being surrounded by one of the busiest cities in the world.

Enjoy Marine Drive in Mumbai, India

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Fine Dining

Nariman Point, which is from where marine Drive starts, is famous for a number of high end restaurants as well as land mark hotels like the Taj Mahal Hotel. Pick any one of these places to eat and you will not be sorry. The Taj Mahal Hotel is consistently rated as one of the best hotels in the world. It offers a view into Indian hospitality and luxury at its best while delighting your gastronomic side with sumptuous delicacies. Even if you decide to stop in for a quick drink at one of the restaurants, do not forget to take in the view of the bay from the hotel. It is a sight that will stay with you forever.

Nariman Point, Marine Drive

Enjoy Marine Drive in Mumbai, India

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Taj Mahal Hotel and Gateway

Enjoy Marine Drive in Mumbai, India

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Take a walk by the bay

This is something that most tourists do not budget time for but it something not to be missed. Spend a part of the evening after your dinner taking a leisurely walk by the Marine Drive. The sounds of the waves breaking is extremely peaceful and the cool sea breeze is thoroughly refreshing. A drive by the bay is enough to make you want to Book practical driving test and buy a car yourself! A visit to Marine Drive is a look into the soul of the mega city that is Mumbai. Make sure you do not miss it.

Chowpatty Beach

Enjoy Marine Drive in Mumbai, India

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Ganesh Idols Atart Arriving for Visarjan at Girgaum Chowpatty

Enjoy Marine Drive in Mumbai, India

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