On an accidental visit to London just like Paddington the bear in the movie we might want to get guided by the movie as the story moves from one location to another, this may sound adventurous but there are other ways to get to know the city. Some of the tourist spots are a must while at others you can spend the whole day at your own leisure and get to know various aspects of the city.

Borough Market

That’s the largest wholesale and fruit market in London; this is the place where you can get anything under the sun. It is London’s most renowned food market; it has got the quality, variety and multiple options for those who care about their food. In case you are the chef of your restaurant, or looking forward to prepare dinner date for loved ones or friends or family, you are a passionate amateur cook into innovative cooking or you are a marmalade connoisseur walk to the Borough market and find your way to your kitchen with your chosen shopping, the ingredients are fresh, best quality products. While you are walking down the streets the aroma is quite overpowering and that too  with no definite purpose you can easily get involved with something or the other and it is very likely that you end up buying it either for your people back home or you consume at that very minute.

Exploring London the Paddington Way

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Vauxhall City farm

A trip to Vauxhall city farm can be unwinding yourself while you are still in the central London area. Our friends planned a trip to London and stayed over at Grand Royale London Hyde park hotel , they got a chance to visit the city farm very near to the train and tube station. The trip was different, unexpected and something that one can expect, they are a charitable organisation with small farms and selected few animals on the farm. If you have children, then surely it is going to be an experience of its kind and an educational trip, you can play with the animals feed them and also get to know them in a way. You get trainings and workshops as how to raise poultry or if you plan an event where you need to show off some lovely farm family you are at the right place this is possible with mobile farming. The venue is hired for a birthday party or meeting people and also if planning a picnic outside.

Exploring London the Paddington Way

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Lima Restaurant

Ever interested in trying out the Peruvian cuisine, take a pick at the Lima Fitzrovia one of the best in London. The menu has the signature dishes to be served to their guests, their wine list is also a good one and along with that they have lavish brunches available on weekends. This is a Michelin starred restaurant and serving Peruvian culinary delights in London. The highlights of this restaurant will be private parties and dinners organised at the behest of the parties wanting to book the venue and customized menus can be on board for the guests. They have also launched a cookbook in their online stores to engage their customers it is a truly sensational place for the food lovers. If you are putting up at Hyde Park accommodation feel free to come to that place and try out some of the tantalizing dishes they have to offer.

Exploring London the Paddington Way

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Hampstead Heath

Nature lovers must go to Hampstead Heath this is the most popular open arenas close to Trafalgar square, in central London. The place is extensively beautiful with rich wildlife, sports facilities and other recreational facilities for everyone who visits the place it has an excellent athletic track which keeps you fit or if you are a swimmer feel free to be at the clubs, one of the best places to take a bath in fresh water, there are three pools one for men, one for women and the other for mixed for family. The ladies swimming pool is on the hill top and thus covered by woods for privacy sake and the men’s pool is in the middle. Apart from these there is a zoo, children’s facilities and also an education centre; the venue can be hired for various events and photography for movie magazines and other activities are also done. Once you have been here, you may want to come again on to take care of your health in the best of surroundings.

Exploring London the Paddington Way

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Museum of Childhood

Peculiar yet real this is a place where every adult should visit and take time off to explore the artefacts in the museum. This is located at Bethnal greens and has a huge collection of toys, childhood equipment and costumes. When you visit the museum you can see that creativity is at its hilt , with exhibitions, classroom sessions, workshops, Montessori teachings, model maker’s workshop you have all this and more under one roof. The museum does not charge you can take a walk for free, but to participate you have to give admission fee. The shop at the museum gives you a variety of things ranging from children’s books, weaving fantasy tails and accessories like owl pencils, etc. are available, then they have toys that can be bought like wooden skittles, puzzles crayon colours, skipping ropes. There is a customized section called Clara button and an exciting range of stationery, prints and even games. You have a cafeteria that serves you a wide range of goodies reasonable prices. This is one fun filled activity for the whole family who wants an educational and fun filled trip in London.

Exploring London the Paddington Way

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These are few locations that might keep you engrossed for some time and also prove to be a wonderful way to spend few days exploring London city on your own and educating yourself about the language, history, and artistic tastes of the city. There are through multiple destinations to explore, but to start with the above on your own might give you a new perspective towards travelling and exploring as well.