Kentucky offers motorcyclists some amazing scenery such as mountains, valleys, forests, plateau, rivers, and majestic views. Here are some fall motorcycle rides, some with attractions, in Kentucky that you won’t forget.

The Bridges Ride

At 148 Miles this ride should take about three and a half hours. This trip takes motorcyclists from London KY up to the Daniel Boone National Forest, where you’ll take a skylift to a sandstone arch called Natural Bridge. You’ll go through Nada Tunnel and Red River Gorge on your way to the Sky Bridge and another skylift. Then you’ll head back while enjoying the stunning views.

Fall Motorcycle Rides in Kentucky

Richmond to Beattyville

For an easy afternoon ride of about 48 Miles, you can explore the beautiful route from Richmond to Beattyville. Begin your motorcycle ride in Richmond, where you’ll have a chance to visit the Battle of Richmond battlefield and visitors center. Your ride will consist of checking out the rolling hills and small farms on your way through the Daniel Boone National Forest to the end of the ride in Beattyville.

Fall Motorcycle Rides in Kentucky

The Wonder of Dams

Where else can motorcyclists ride around seeing some exquisite scenery, check out Tennessee along the way, and drop by the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery all in one fun day? Leave London on this one-way ride. Head for Laurel Dam first. Make sure you have helmets when you enter Tennessee. The Dale Hollow Dam has a state park and resort, so you can stay overnight if you’re on the return leg of your motorcycle ride. Or you can enjoy this 163-mile ride in one day.

Fall Motorcycle Rides in Kentucky

Woodford Reserve Distillery

Beginning in London, KY, you’ll ride to Versailles. The distillery has been in operation since 1812. It’s owned by the owner of Jack Daniels (the Tennessee whiskey is sweeter, but the rye in the Woodford makes it special.) The distillery nestles in surrounding woods, but there will be plenty of sunny views on your way back to London. This 103-mile ride should take about 3 hours.

Fall Motorcycle Rides in Kentucky

Black Mountain Kentucky Loop

For a longer ride of over five and a half hours, you can explore the fall scenery with the 279-mile Black Mountain Kentucky Loop. You’ll begin your fall motorcycle ride in Mount Sterling. While there, you should make the Gateway Ghost Walk. You’ll ride through the Daniel Boone National Forest and while you are, you’ll notice the Jefferson National Forest across the nearby border with Virginia. The special thing about this ride, though, is going onto Black Mountain. From there, you can see all of Kentucky. It’s curvy, though, so mind your speed.

Fall Motorcycle Rides in Kentucky, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Blue Heron Mining Company

Not many people have experienced a coal mine up close, but this 172-mile ride will give you the opportunity learn more about life in the coal mines. You can leave London and ride to Stearns KY to see a mine made into an outdoor museum. The original structures were destroyed shortly after the mine closed in 1962. They were recreated in the 1980s with the story of the people and the mine told by the town’s inhabitants. You might want to ride your bike along the Big Southfork River, on whose banks the community was built.

Fall Motorcycle Rides in Kentucky

Brian Stansberry, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Rabbit Hash Ride

There’s everything on this fall motorcycle ride from cars at the racetrack to plants and trees at the arboretum to wine and dinosaur bones. Beginning in Union, you might stop at the Boone County Arboretum to admire the plants. You’ll pass by the Florence Speedway, but you might want to grab a wine tasting at Verona Vineyards. As you’re riding towards Rabbit Hash, be sure to stop in the Big Bone Lick State Historic Site to see their bison and dinosaur bones. When you arrive in Rabbit Hash, grab a meal, and talk with other bikers in the Rabbit Hash General Store. There’s a lot to see and a great end to your day on this 45-mile ride.

Fall Motorcycle Rides in Kentucky

Ivan’s Illyich, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Motorcycling in Kentucky

The varied landscapes of Kentucky offer a great backdrop for a relaxing motorcycle ride. As the weather cools and the fall colors pop, these rides can make for an ideal weekend adventure. Before heading out, familiarize yourself with local laws, wear protective gear and ride defensively. Sadly, 96 fatal motorcycle accidents were reported in Kentucky in 2021. So, make sure to stay safe and enjoy the ride.

Fall Motorcycle Rides in Kentucky