Sri Lanka is that little region of paradise on earth that serves as a wonderful place for exploration with family. The nation proffers all the adventure sports, wildlife, beaches and numerous destinations you can wish for and fulfil the varied interest of each family member. Moreover, the gastronomical heaven in Sri Lanka makes travel much more enticing. Plus you have the options of staying in the suburbs of busy cities like Colombo at hotels in Colpetty with the amazing network of Yoho Bed. Here are a few things you must take part in when travelling to Sri Lanka with family:

Adam’s Peak

When children cry adventure, give them the task of climbing the Adam’s Peak. The 4 kilometres long trek is quintessential for mid-aged children. It wades its way through the tea plantations of Ella which presents a lovely picture of workers picking tea and a 360-degree view of the hills. The Ruwana waterfall is the chief attraction and must not be missed.

Things to do on a Family Trip to Sri Lanka

By Mstyslav Chernov [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Explore the Wildlife

Nothing can match the awestruck pallor of the little ones when they take a first look at majestic animals like elephants. The Udawalwe National Park is home to more than 500 of them. Alternatively, take them to witness the unusual ecosystem and the beautiful birds of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve.

Things to do on a Family Trip to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is enchanting in terms of the aquatic life as well and missing the blue whale at Mirissa is not an option. On the other hand, witness the charismatic nature of the dolphins and sperm whales at Kalpitiya.

The Twisting Train Ride

The central highlands of Sri Lanka deserve a day or two in your itinerary. And what better than travelling from one town to another via the train? The children will love to sit by the window and gaze at the hills passing by with the sweetest air in their hair. The train ride from Nuwara Eliya to Ella is no short of wonder for adults either. The numerous tunnels play hide and seek with your senses while the hills set an amazing view in the background.

Things to do on a Family Trip to Sri Lanka

To the Lion’s Den

The Lion’s Rock or Sigiriya is one of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll come across throughout your lifetime. The UNESCO World Heritage Site sits on a high rock amidst the plains offering a majestic view. There is a fair bit of history behind the place which was once a fortress. The detailed frescoes that lead to the top around 200 metres are an example of fine sculpture.

Things to do on a Family Trip to Sri Lanka

The Capital Summons

While the capital city of Sri Lanka is crowded, the ever-bustling lifestyle gives perspective on the real Lankan life. Summon the inner traveller and commute like a local in the famous tuk-tuk. The capital is where you can satiate your kids’ desire for shopping along with yours; don’t forget to bring some spices back home. And if you really can’t take the crowded city, you can book stay in the suburbs at a hotel in Maradana through Yoho Bed and get the most amazing deals for you and your children.

Things to do on a Family Trip to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of activities, heritage and cultural delights that have formerly attracted numerous civilisations over time. You can indulge in Ayurveda, stroll through the mesmerising beaches, visit numerous temples, watch cricket among other things. Rest assured that you’ll bring back some amazing Kodak moments with you from Sri Lanka.