Kitchens are warm and inviting. It’s the heart of a home where family dinners are crafted, late night snack trips occur, and date night memories are made. The overall kitchen decor, color and vibe are crucial to creating those perfect memories, too.

One of the brightest, warmest and most welcoming kitchen designs is a seaside coastal kitchen. The beach house aesthetic invokes a sense of days at the beach and happy family gatherings.

No matter where you live, from Miami to Los Angeles, Baltimore to Austin, you can bring the beachside romance to your home with a coastal kitchen design. Here’s how, thanks to the experts at Plumber Near Me.

Bright and Warm White Tones

The key feature to a standout coastal kitchen is an effective use of white tones. A light color palette provides brightness and warmth needed in a beach house or holiday resort type home.

While other modern kitchen designs take on dark tones for contrast, coastal qualities are best reflected in whites (sand), soft wood (nature) and blues (ocean and sky). You can utilize white features in several ways, including benchtops, backsplashes, cabinetry, light fittings and bar stools.

Features for A Seaside Coastal Kitchen Design

There are levels of color that work best to enhance the environment and surrounding features. A room painted all-white might be too much for you. Hence the juxtaposition of tiles, tap fittings, kitchen cabinets and wooden stools all contributing to the overall coastal aesthetic.

As an example, you could go for white toned splashbacks and tiles for an alluring brightness, paired with copper or brass tap fittings. Alternatively, colorful splashback tiles mean a white marble benchtop is complemented with color, warmth and detail.

Natural Wooden Features

Coastal living is about more than just sand and water; there’s nature. And you can bring those natural elements into your home with indoor plants and wood.

Wooden shelving, wicker cabinet doors or wooden stools balance out modern decor. Even a light timber floor influences the overall vibe, enhancing the bright airy feel. Dark tones feel imposing, more like a forest, while pine and light varnishes keep the ocean aesthetic flowing throughout the home.

Features for A Seaside Coastal Kitchen Design

If you’re not a fan of exposed wood, painted wooden panel walls or cabinets are also a good look. They add texture and depth. Even a kitchen island can be improved with wooden beams and panels without overpowering the rest of the home. It can also tie together a kitchen and dining room featuring a beautiful wooden dining table.

Luxurious Blue Kitchen Decor

Blue tones bring the ocean inside. It’s a natural connection to the environment and is a go-to color for any seaside kitchen design. However, just be sure your coastal decor does not go overboard with blue everything.

Some of the best design elements for a coastal kitchen include blue tiles and creative splashbacks. Any combination of color schemes work, including light blues, dark blues, turquoise and aqua. Even vintage or art deco blue tiles provide a statement, as do Mediterranean tiles.

Features for A Seaside Coastal Kitchen Design

Blue kitchen appliances can also be brought in for eye-catching effect. Your blue kitchen decor does not have to be limited to plain. So go ahead and invoke a touch of the Hamptons or Greece.

Go For Gold, Silver or Copper

Kitchen features such as tapware and the kitchen sink are underrated decor elements. Small but mighty, they are the high quality features that have to deliver on performance and look.

There are a few options when it comes to embracing metallic features in your kitchen. Underbench stainless steel kitchen sinks are sleek and subdued, a touch more nautical. Meanwhile, farmhouse sinks or apron sinks provide an extra piece of artwork to eye off. And the color scheme works well as black, white or blue.

Features for A Seaside Coastal Kitchen Design

Meanwhile, copper and brushed metal needs to be thought through. Those metallic finishes deliver nautical nostalgia and are reminiscent of a luxury yacht. The metals are like treasure chests in your coastal kitchen!

These metallic tones can also be completed by nautical kitchen decor, such as hanging portholes, model boats or roped elements. But if you’re just leaning towards a coastal aesthetic, those more extreme overtones might not be for you.

Natural Light and Big Views

Lastly, coastal living is all big, beautiful beach views. You want to embrace natural light and big windows as a part of your coastal design.

If you’re not spoiled with natural views of shorelines or lakefronts, an outdoor garden provides just as much beauty. The key is to have nice open windows that attract sunlight and warmth. Natural light will reflect off the white tones in your coastal kitchen, providing an airy, resort-like feeling.

Features for A Seaside Coastal Kitchen Design

Fresh air is an added benefit, and this can be improved through wide open doors, too. Bifold doors, french doors or sliding glass doors are an enticing feature for any coastal kitchen. Just imagine what happens when you open the doors in the morning, it’s like a glorious start to a summer holiday – but at home!