London has many good areas and south east London is one of them. The area is full of many good hotels, spots, entertainment venues and much more. You can spend good time in this area.

South East London part of London is such a place where you can enjoy shopping, moving around, eating and much more. This area of London is a great place because the area has much more to offer. You can see many attractions here. You will also see that there are many good hotels in London and you can get a reasonable accommodation. There are some things that make this part eye-catching. Here we have mentioned a few of them. You can go through the info and the plan your tour accordingly. This area is really going to be a great one for you and you can make your tour memorable here.

Fun around South East London: Things to See and Do

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Around the River

The river Thames is an attractive part of the city. It is a small journey in the London Bridge from the Bexley and from ere you can enjoy the whole south bank area. You can also see some important attraction along the rover like Golden Hind and Tate Modern. There is globe theatre in this area where you will find some special activities for children. You can also take some free river cruse rides and for sure your kids will love them. You can also go to the London eye and enjoy watching all the major spots from above. You can also take a private capsule in the eye. In the private capsule you can enjoy taking snaps and see the views while you take a drink. This can really be a different experience.

Fun around South East London: Things to See and Do

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Family Shopping Opportunities

Shopping can be a fun here. There are many shops, shopping centres and streets in the lakeside and you will see everything at one place. For your kids you will also find some good kids friendly food options as well and taking your kids for a shopping day can be a great idea indeed. There are different shops and shopping streets where you can enjoy shopping. There are some shops dedicated to kids where you can get to see clothes, toys etc. For kids. They are going to have lots of fun at this place. There are also some branded shops where you can enjoy shopping but the shops may be costly and you may not get any scope for bargaining here.

Fun around South East London: Things to See and Do

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Eltham Palace and Gardens:

This is a great place to take your kids as they can enjoy a lot in the play area. There are many events that take place here. There is an outdoor play area where kids can really enjoy their time. As the garden is surrounded by great natural beauty you are going to have some best time here. You can have real peace of mind here. There are also two lakes inside the gardens and you can enjoy your time there. You can sit peacefully or take some snaps here. This is really a great peaceful place.

Fun around South East London: Things to See and Do

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Leeds Castle

Trip to the castle with kids is a must. Here your kids can enjoy and you will love taking some snaps with them. There is a great playground where kids will have some fun. You can even spend a whole day here as there are many dining options nearby. You can have great fun at this place. This place is not very crowded and you can even go there on weekends.

Fun around South East London: Things to See and Do

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Danson House

There are two properties those are run by Bexley Heritage Trust and both of them have some good exhibitions. These exhibitions are very good and you can take your kids to see them. This year they have their Vivienne Westwood Exhibition that looks very good within this property. There is also a good café where you can relax for some while.

Fun around South East London: Things to See and Do

If you want to enjoy this place a lot then you need to stay in a good hotel. There are many good hotels in this area and The Montcalm at the Brewery London City Hotel is one of them. The hotel is one of the best hotels in this area where you can get the best facilities. The hotel is fenced with greenery and all the natural beauty and this is the main reason why many people like to come here. As the hotel is far away from the noise of the city, you can get the best peace of mind here. This is the place where you can enjoy best time. The hotel offers best facilities and services to its guests. The hotel offers best discounts to the guests. If you book your hotel room online then you can claim huge discounts. There are also some offers and packages that can make your stay economical.

Fun around South East London: Things to See and Do

The hotel rooms are decorated in such a way that the guests will find great comfort there. There are different types of rooms available and you can take a room type that you want. If you are a single person then just take the single room. Even an executive room will be good for you. If you want to have some more relaxation while you are on your tour then you can chose to take a relaxing suite. These suites offer the best facilities to the guests. So it may be a double room or a single room , a small room or a suite, you are going to love to stay at this accommodation Chiswell Street London city.

Fun around South East London: Things to See and Do

So this is all about the south east area of the city. You can enjoy a lot in this area. Here you can enjoy a lot with your kids. Just come here with your family and have loads of fun. The area is enriched with many good spots, cafes; restaurants etc. and spending good time here can result into good memories. Just come here and take back some good memories.