No one wants to have a small closet — it is quite discouraging. However, all is not lost, and you do not need to move from your current house. There are a few options you can use to utilize the space available optimally. The good thing is that you do not need to rob a bank for this done, but instead, be creative in terms of decorations, organization, and creation of extra space. You may have tried some things before, but it never worked. Worry not, because the following guide is ultimate for closet space maximization.

Do the Obvious; De-Clutter and Let Go

It is not easy to let go of some favorite clothes, shoes, and bags even if they do not fit your body or suit style anymore. If you have such in your closet, it is time to let go. Also, if you have a plan to lose or add weight, the fact remains that it won’t happen overnight, and you are not wearing those clothes at the moment. Maybe all you need to overcome the closet problem is just letting go of things you do not use anymore.

Guide to Maximize Your Closet Space

Photo by Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Another thing you need to do is remove those empty shoe boxes, extra hangers, and dry cleaning coverings. They occupy too much space than you think. In other words, declutter your closet completely, and anything that you haven’t used for more than a year is not worth keeping in a space you consider small.

Make Use of the Floor

Usually, your hanged clothes do not go all the way to the floor — it would mean they are never free from dirt and dust for touching the floor. The question is, how are you using the space in between? Maybe you are not, and you are wasting a lovely space, which you can add a shoe rack, allowing you to hold more pairs than you did before. As long the space under your clothes is available, find a reliable carpenter to do the remodeling.

Guide to Maximize Your Closet Space

Photo by Simply Organized In Greenville

Do Not Ignore the Upper Shelf

Most people never use the upper space either, and if they do, they stalk shoe boxes, which are not necessary. What you don’t know is that you can use it to keep your handbags or remodel it into small cubbies and stalk your folded clothes. Someone may feel that it could be too high for them, but all you need is a small wooden or plastic stool to help you reach out. While you can look for a carpenter to do this for you, you can also buy shelf dividers and split the space to your liking.

Guide to Maximize Your Closet Space

Photo by Castle Design

Remodel Your Entire Closet

Are you that couple that is always fighting about the space of clothes or because your husband could find his clothes easily? You can renovate your space into a ‘his and hers’ design to not only stop the arguments but also to maximize the space. Woman’s wardrobe is different from that of a man in terms of the articles each wear and hanging length. Also, women usually have more clothes than men, and remodeling your current closet to a fair proportion would be an excellent option for optimizing space for each.

Guide to Maximize Your Closet Space

Photo by Guimar Urbina Interiors, Corp.

Make Use of the Doors and the Corners

Usually, no one uses their closet corners, and this is a wasted space. You can buy a shelf that has the shape of your corner and use it to either hang clothes such as jackets or to hold shoes and bags. The good thing is that numerous wire shelves are available in the market for this particular purpose.

Guide to Maximize Your Closet Space

Photo by Mosaik Design & Remodeling

The other space which is usually wasted in the closet is the doors. Add some hooks or light shelves behind your door and use them to hold long wears, belts, scarves, or handbags.

Stay Organized

If you are never organized, and your clothes are always all over, sorry to say, but your closet is not small — you the one not using it right. Organization and tidiness is key! When all your clothes, shoes, and accessories are properly arranged, you will always have enough space to add something else. Also, the space will look larger when everything is in its right place.

Guide to Maximize Your Closet Space

Photo by Built-Rite Closets

If you always believed that your closet is too small to hold all your articles, use these tips, and you might realize that it is just right for you. You only need a few changes and less wasted space.