The winters in certain areas in the northern United States can be quite harsh. With the wind chill, it can reach well below zero on many days. That’s not to mention the need for shoveling all that snow or the danger that icy roads can present to everyone.

There are a lot of reasons to not like the winter. If you’re not a winter person and you have the financial resources, you might want to consider purchasing a winter home to enjoy those months in warm comfort. Below are four communities you should consider.

Fort Bragg

The west coast too has its own warm winter gems. One you might want to buy a winter vacation home in is Fort Bragg, California. For one, it’s on a coastline that has been designated by the government as a National Landmark for the amazing beauty of its rocky shores. One of its key attractions is Glass Beach, one of the most visually amazing beaches in the world. It’s a great place to go during any month, especially in the winter.

Home Away from Cold: 4 Locations for Your Winter Home

Marco Island

Another popular choice is Marco Island, Florida. Marco Island is located in the Gulf of Mexico southwest of mainland Florida. It is a barrier island and can be reached by bridges that allow you drive from Naples, Florida to the island. Marco Island is a wonderful tropical paradise filled with mesmerizing white sand beaches, resorts, marinas, three star seafood restaurants, and world class golf courses. If you want to escape to a tropical paradise during the winter, look into Marco Island real estate.

Home Away from Cold: 4 Locations for Your Winter Home


Another southern state with some miraculous real estate is Whittier, North Carolina. This quaint small town is nestled between the Smoky Mountains and a national forest, providing for a breathtaking landscape you are unlikely to find anywhere else. There are country clubs, casinos, fishing spots, and scenic hiking trails. It’s also nearby Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee if you wish to take your children or grandchildren on a great day trip during its operating calendar.

Home Away from Cold: 4 Locations for Your Winter Home


Another great Florida winter getaway spot is Davenport, Florida. Lake Davenport is gorgeous, and the town also sports a number of great country clubs, restaurants, and golf courses. Even better yet, it’s only an hour drive way from Disney World while also remaining completely secluded from Orlando’s urban outgrowth.

Home Away from Cold: 4 Locations for Your Winter Home

The winter can be harsh. While snow may be pretty, it’s a huge hassle to deal with. If you want to get away from cold each year, consider buying a vacation home in a warmer part of the country. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors again as well as all the amenities warmer climates can provide to you and your family.

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