Every year, we are surprised by all the unexpected interior design trends that roll around: some of them completely new and innovative, others evoking memories of the past and bringing back trends we loved decades ago. 2020 is no different in this respect, and if you feel like your living space could do with a facelift, what better time to get this done than at the beginning of the new decade? Of course, you don’t have to strictly follow trends to create a space you’ll like, but if you’re in need of some inspiration, here’s what’s popular in the year 2020.

Paint it blue

The color blue appearing among this year’s interior design trends does not come as a surprise after Pantone appointed it as the color of the year. Classic Blue is evergreen, it’s the favorite color of many, and its calming tone is an excellent addition to any home. While the color itself is quite traditional, implemented in interior design, it can bring in a modern edge as well as some contrast into the space. Besides this classic shade, a bit more vivid French blue seems to have caught on as well. Other than wall paint, you can implement blue accents with your furniture choice and even decor pieces such as throw pillows. Those bold enough can consider painting their kitchen cabinetry to a lovely shade of blue and breathe new life into their kitchen!

Home Decor Trends in 2020

Photo by Get Decorated

Sustainability is in

Sustainability is finding its way into every aspect of our lives, interior design included. Sustainable design can manifest in many ways. For a start, you can start thinking about the longevity of the furniture pieces you purchase and shop for those that you won’t have to change in a few years. You can also focus on going for sustainable materials wherever you can: for instance, cork and bamboo are very environmentally-friendly, while concrete has an extremely long lifetime. Small interior design decisions, such as adding carpets to help retain heat can also have a large impact on the sustainability of the design. Keep these in mind whenever you’re doing renovations and soon, your home will turn into a cozy, sustainable space.

Home Decor Trends in 2020

Photo by Balodemas Architects

Art Deco for 2020

As we reach the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Art Deco, it is only natural that it is making a grand comeback. Characterized by geometric shapes and unique patterns, as well as an all in all glamorous vibe, incorporating Art Deco elements into your interior design can make your space look like a luxurious mansion. You can go big and create a feature wall that incorporates a patterned wall covering, or you can just add smaller accents such as Art Deco-style mirrors or glamorous lighting fixtures. The result will be dazzling!

Home Decor Trends in 2020

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Metallic accents

Perfectly in line with the previously mentioned Art Deco revival, metallic accents are also a popular design choice in 2020. Those who want a more vintage feel should look for pieces that show signs of aging – interestingly, patina is becoming popular in homes with a more natural color palette. However, shiny metals are also popular and can be implemented in so many ways. For instance, interiors with more modern vibes or even an industrial design can implement sheet metal for texture variety and some interest. With decorative sheet metal, you can get virtually any shape and size and create a truly unique and custom interior. Dividers and wall accents are just some of the examples.

Home Decor Trends in 2020

Photo by DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Wallpaper comeback

Another twist that the year 2020 brings us in terms of interior design is a resurgence of wallpaper. Many people do not consider the option of using wallpaper in their homes simply because it’s perceived as old-fashioned. However, the truth is that if implemented right, wallpaper can bring a lot of interest into a boring room. Appointing one feature wall will give the space a pop of color and some much-needed texture, and it can even pull the whole design together if you combine your colors right. The fact that there are endless pattern options to choose from make wallpapers very versatile, so don’t be afraid to try it out. Go for Art Deco patterns for a luxe interior or a floral design for a softer feel. There are even metallic wallpapers if you want an extra dose of glam!

Home Decor Trends in 2020

Photo by Design Matters

In 2020, there are plenty of eye-catching interior design trends to choose from, so spice up your space with some of them and make every day you spend home more interesting!