Would you love to hike the Inca Trail? Unwind on a beach with a cocktail? Or perhaps explore famous landmarks in a busy city? Travelling offers a huge number of benefits: it allows you to disconnect from your daily life, improves your knowledge of other cultures and helps to create unforgettable memories.

No matter your holiday preference, it is important that you schedule in some time to get away every year. With our busy day-to-day timetables, we all deserve some time out to relax. But just how often should we be travelling?

Getting away

If you run your own business or juggle a full-time job with looking after your children, you might find it difficult to get a holiday in each year. How often you get away will therefore depend on your availability. Your funds are also a huge factor in determining the number of times a year you will be able to travel, as any financial obligations you have may restrict you from booking regular trips.

How often should you travel?

When you are choosing a destination to travel to, ensure that you make use of all the available resources online to save money. Sites such as Travelzoo offer incredible deals on flights, hotels and entertainment, meaning that the whole family can get away for less.

How often should you travel?

Another thing to consider when booking your trip is the duration that you go for. While a two-week break would no doubt be ideal, you can have just as much fun over a long weekend – and you will save quite a bit of cash in the process!


Of course, it is also important to remember that we do not always need to travel abroad to relax! Staycations can be just as good – and the UK offers an array of beautiful destinations to suit all holiday makers. If you live somewhere like London, you have the benefit of the whole capital to explore on your holidays. With such great travel links, it’s also much easier to get from the likes of East Croydon to Purley if you’re hoping to head further out into the south of the capital.

How often should you travel?

Whether you are someone that seeks sunshine, or someone that is just as happy strolling through cities in this country, ensure that you make time to recharge your batteries every year, and travel to somewhere that suits your life, schedule and budget.