Organizing the birthday party of a kid was simple: cut a cake, organize some party games and you are done. But for a teenager, you cannot do run of the mill. You have to think a little more and be creative. If you weave the celebration according to the interests of the birthday girl or boy, you will simply make their day.

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate the birthday of a teenager (and since they’re always connected to some sort of electronic device, be sure to send them one of the funny birthday ecards hat are out there):

A day at the spa

Set up a full day at a local spa for your teenage daughter and her close friends. Get them a treat of manicures, pedicures, cosmetic makeovers and facials to celebrate the occasion. After this, take the girls out to dinner to flaunt their newly acquired good looks. Another idea is to organize a luncheon at home after treating the teenagers at the spa. If you are a low budget, organize a spa day at home and let the teenagers give each other beauty treatments.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday Party


Take teenager and friends out skating such as skate boarding or roller skating. For older girls, it is a fun retro idea as well as great exercise.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday Party

Movie night out

If your teenager is movie crazy, go in for a movie night out. You can host the party at a local theatre and watch the latest flick. Or you can organize a movie night out at your home with a few of your teen’s favourite movies- from classics to new releases. Turn your living room into a mini theatre complete with plush seating, cushions and walls adorned with movie posters.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday Party

Adventure trip

For an adventurous type of teen, organize a birthday around an adventure theme like whirly ball court, local rock climbing wall, paint ball arena, hiking trail or go-kart track. The bonus is that the group of teenagers will be too tired for throwing their usual tantrums and will have spent lots of calories for all the cake and treats they ate.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday Party

Game treat

Celebrate the sports crazy teen ager’s birthday at the games of his favourite team. Book tickets for teen agers and his/ her friends much in advance. Organize a concession stand lunch for them so that they have plenty of energy to cheer for their team. If your teen enjoys playing more than watching, organize a friendly baseball match or a special basketball game for the teen and his/ her friends.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday Party


Organize a day of scrapbooking. Present digital cameras for your teen’s friends and let them capture pictures to fill up the birthday page of your daughter’s scrap book.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday Party

Bonfire party

If you can locate an ideal place, a bonfire party will be cherished by your teenager. Arrange some hot dogs, snacks, soft drinks, etc. to have a bash. Play some music and let the friends dance away the night.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday Party

Cooking party

This is ideal for your teenage girl and friends if they love cooking. Allow them some time in the kitchen and make recipes that they love. Let the friends decide on the recipes and arrange the food decorations also. Don’t interfere but only be a close guide.

How to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday Party

Apart from organizing these activities, you must not forget the usual basics: Arrange for birthday cake delivery and decorate rooms with plenty of balloons. With all these, you can never go wrong.